9 Villages in Bali that Have Global Charm
Ubud rice fiels

Bali is like a nirvana diorama. Not only have beautiful beaches, a number of villages in Bali also have a charming charm. Each corner presents its own beauty. Like what?

1. Checking Tegalalang

Checking TegalalangHave you ever seen a beautiful terrace on the calendar with the right and amazing composition? Well, it turns out that it was not abroad, but in Bali. Yes, this village in Bali, 10 km away from Ubud, has become a destination for foreign tourists to visit. There, many rows of cafes. People can enjoy coffee while watching the sun go down behind the terraces. Dusk makes the color of the rice similar to an orange hue. In addition to eating the charming landscape, in certain seasons, visitors will see firsthand the farmers harvesting rice.

2. Trunyan Village

Entering this village in Bali, the fur will automatically stand up. The magic power is quite strong. This is because the local people have a habit of placing the dead on a large rock that has seven basins. Nearby there is a big tree called taru incense which smells very good. It is said that people who died and were placed there would not stink because they had been neutralized with the smell of a fragrant tree. To get to this location, you need to cross Lake Batur, Kintamani.

3. Penglipuran Village

This village in Bali is often used as a shooting location for television or FTV films. Because, the area is thick with Balinese customs. In addition, it is very clean. You can really feel the rural air here. People still value culture. No wonder when entering the area guests will feel they are in the real Bali. Penglipuran Village is located in Bangli District. In the past, this village had received the Kalpataru award.

4. Tenganan Village

It is located in Manggis District, Karangasem. Tenganan is always included in the list of villages in Bali, which has a strong culture. The people often carry out traditional ceremonies that attract the attention of foreign tourists. In addition, about 10 km from Tenganan, there is Candi Dasa which holds various historical stories.

5. Bukian Village

This one is probably not often heard by many people. Bukian is a village in Bali located in Payangan District. Can be reached by driving approximately 20 minutes from Ubud. There, most of the people work as craftsmen for wooden displays, especially giraffe displays. The results will be sold on the art market. If you go there, you can buy wood crafts at a much cheaper price. There you can also feel the real life of Balinese people because 99 percent of those who live there are natives.

6. Batubulan Village


The Sukowati Art Market is certainly no stranger to the ears. There, various types of art composed by Balinese people are displayed and sold at very affordable prices. That is where Batubulan Village is located. Not only Sukowati, it turns out that there are various art shops that art connoisseurs can visit there. Most present statues.

7. Ubud

UbudAlmost all tourists feel they haven’t been to Bali if they haven’t been to Ubud. Yes, this one village in Bali does represent the real Island of the Gods. Various types of arts, cultural products, as well as beautiful panoramas are presented. Also in Ubud, various art performances, both national and international, were held. It’s no wonder that Ubud is always the target of tourists.

8. Celuk Village

Place for Shopping in BaliIts nickname is the village of silver and gold craftsmen. In fact, famous to foreign countries. Along the house in this village in Bali, there is a window displaying jewelry. The shape is unique and of course high artistic value. Tourists, in addition to shopping for jewelry, can be satisfied to see the jewelry production process.

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9. Gelgel Village

A number of historically valuable buildings reside in this village. In addition, villages in Bali are famous for their traditional clothes, as well as pottery, which has charm to foreign countries. Understandably, Gelgel Village is one of the oldest villages. So, the customs, as well as the resulting cultural products, are truly Balinese. If you visit Klungkun, don’t forget to stop by the village.

The beauty of Bali tourism is not just on the beach. Once in a while, try anti-mainstream tours to these villages.