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Most Visited Bali Night Club! Bali Island is a favorite destination for tourists to vacation. The variety of culture, customs, and tourism potential can attract the interest of most tourists both local tourists and foreign tourists. Some areas in Bali that are always a must-visit destination are Ubud, Denpasar and Kuta. Even so, almost all regions on the island of Bali offer tourism potential with their own characteristics that are not to be missed.

Bali tourism is quite complete, ranging from natural attractions, historical tours, culinary tours, shopping tours. To hundreds of nightlife spots at Bali Night Club. It is not surprising that most tourists and local tourists will feel less if you stay. And vacation on the island of Bali for just a few days. On average they will spend at least one week to be able to explore various interesting Bali tours.

Bali, besides being known for its natural beauty, of course, it is also known for its night lives. In some areas on the island of Bali does provide a place for nightlife and also night attractions that you can visit. Call it the Legian Street area, which is full of bars and pubs and a western restaurant that invites you to enter.

sky garden bali

Other than that, in some corners of the island of Bali, there are also several nightlife destinations in Bali that are far from the nightlife and loud rhythmic music. Like the zero kilometre area, Nusa Penida Island, and several other Bali Night Club.

In this article, will invite you all to listen to reviews about some of the nightlife spots on the island of Bali that are interesting to visit, be it in the form of natural attractions or nightlife spots. Without further length, the following is an exclusive review for you loyal readers of this article.

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How To Find a Comfortable Bali Night Club?

Zero Kilometer Denpasar

Every region in Indonesia certainly has one place that gets the designation as a Zero Kilometer area. Likewise with the Denpasar Bali area. It is said that the story, this place was called Zero Kilometer starting from 1906 ago where there were thousands of people from the Badung Kingdom who fought against the Dutch to the death and were known during the Puputan War. This place was also used as a historical monument to the struggle of the Balinese people and enshrined as a historical area of ​​Denpasar’s Zero Kilometer Point.

Night tour of Bali Island Zero Kilometer is an open space with a garden concept that is always crowded with tourists without knowing ordinary days or holidays. Besides watching the rest of the history of the struggle of the people of Bali, in this place you can also do various activities.

Denpasar Bali Attack 2018

Bali is indeed rich in very attractive beach tourism. There is one beach on the island of Bali precisely located on Serangan Island south of Denpasar Bali which presents an interesting night tour. In this place, you will be invited to fish at night like a fisherman. Night fishing is a lucrative activity because generally fish start their lives in the middle of the sea at night.

How Much Is The Price To Be Able To Visit Night Club Tours In Bali?

Pasar Kreneng Denpasar

Bali tourist attractions on the following night are in the form of a traditional market. Kreneng Market is very unique and never stops doing activities alias always crowded both in the morning, afternoon, evening, night until the morning is approaching again. In the morning until noon, this place becomes a traditional market that sells daily necessities.

pasar kreneng bali

When night comes, this market changes into a night market that sells a variety of Balinese specialities complete with clothes. This market has existed since 1983 and consists of 3 floors. At the entrance of the market are guarded by 2 large patrons who are a symbol of market success and traders. This place is one of the culinary nightlife destinations in Bali that is a pity to miss.

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Sky Garden Bar Bali

Night club venues in Bali this one is very popular among tourists and local tourists. The location is in a multi-level complex located on Jalan Legian and is very close to the Ground Zero Monument which was established to commemorate the Bali Bombings.

sky garden bali

Situated right in the heart of Kuta’s Famous Nightlife Strip, Sky Garden is well know as ‘the place’ to go when your looking to party. Recently Voted as the #1 Club in Indonesia 2018 (& #70 Worldwide), Sky Garden offers an unforgettable night of fun in a safe environment.

It’s always all about the music! Sky Garden is well known for bringing some of the world’s best DJ’s every week, such as; Yellow Claw, Marshmello,
Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Don Diablo, Rehab, W&W, Timmy Trumpet… just to name a few.

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