Tips For Climbing Mount Batur | Best Things To Do In Bali
Tips for climbing mount batur

Mount Batur is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. It is an active volcano mountain and you can enjoy some attractions there. You can enjoy the most beautiful scenery, sunrise, and sunset. Since you are about to go to an active volcano mountain, you need to learn some tips for climb Mount Batur.

Tips for climbing mount baturTips for Climbing Mount Batur You Must Know for a Comfortable and Safe Climbing

Understand the Route

Indeed, the first thing you have to know before climbing Mount Batur is the route. You have to make sure whether it is safe enough for you or not. Just make sure that you can achieve the peak of the mountain with your condition. For your information, you have to take around 2 hours to achieve the peak of the mountain. Moreover, you are about to climb 1.717 meters or 5.633 feet above sea level mountain. It is very important to consider your fitness level and health condition before climbing the mountain.

Best Clothes to Wear

It sounds simple but you still have to consider the most suitable clothes you wear. To get the best cloth, you need to know the detail of the mountain. Let say, the temperature is a little bit cold, especially after getting closer to the peak and you are going there at night or early in the morning. Due to the trekking route and temperature, it is suggested to wear comfortable legging or short. Don’t forget to choose the best shoes and it is better to wear hiking shoes. The cloth has to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. You may also bring or wear a sweater or hoodies, especially if the weather is too cold. You can also wear a waterproof jacket if you go there in the rainy season.

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Important Things to Bring

You don’t have to bring all of your favorite items while climbing Mount Batur. You can follow some tips for climbing Mount Batur here. First, it is better to bring a small rucksack along with your waterproof gear. Moreover, bring extra water and some of your favorite snacks in case you are thirsty and hungry in the middle of the trekking. It depends on the time you go there but you still have to bring a headlamp or flashlight. If you are joining a travel agency, your guide will give you a flashlight. The best snacks you can bring are boiled eggs, sandwiches, or biscuits.   


Next Tips for climbing mount Batur. It is one of the most important items you have to bring while climbing Mount Batur. The reason is that you will enjoy the amazing scenery and it is the time to capture the best moments or objects by using your favorite camera. It doesn’t mean that you have to bring an expensive camera, especially if you are not a professional photographer. You may bring GoPro, digital camera, or even your smartphone with a good camera resolution. It is okay to bring a tripod but make sure that it is a small and flexible one. Remember! Just make sure that you can handle all the items well so it doesn’t disturb your trekking.

The One who Come with You

The best option is going to Mount Batur with a professional guide. You can join a trusted travel agency which offers a package to Mount Batur. By using a professional travel agency, you can manage your trekking to Mount Batur well. Let say, they know the best route to go to the peak of Mount Batur so you can get the best spots there. Moreover, they also know what you have to bring for comfortable trekking. Furthermore, they know the right time to go there so you don’t miss the best attractions in Mount Batur, especially the fantastic sunrise or sunset. A trusted travel agency will have a good itinerary or schedule so their clients can enjoy Mount Batur maximally.

So, if you have a plan to go to Bali and Mount Batur, just consider the tips for climbing Mount Batur above. Those tips will make you comfortable and safe until the peak of the mountain.

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