Many choices of outdoor activities that can be done in island of GOD to spend the holidays, one of which is ATV Bali Adventure. This 4-wheeled motorcycle has the ability

5 Reasons Why Bali Becomes One of the Best Islands in the World Bali was once again named one of the best islands on Earth. Through a survey conducted by

Bali is a popular destination for divers. There are countless dive sites with a variety of highlights – from wrecks to steep walls to artificial reef projects. I also learned

More than just a paradise for surfers, Lombok is now a tourist destination coveted by nature fans from all over the world. With countless interesting activities, the island’s fame continues

Introduction Bali also is known as the island of gods is an Indonesian island located in the Indian Ocean and only about 4 km to Java. This island is highly

Rafting in Bali is one of the interesting spots for adventures. Bali Island is one of the most popular destinations that has various types of tours and activities. Starting from

Mount Batur is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. It is an active volcano mountain and you can enjoy some attractions there. You can enjoy the most beautiful

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Driver in Bali ? Well, this question might be the first thing that crossed your mind while someone recommended you to hire a

Where in Bali was Eat Pray Love? Well, many people come to Bali due to the movie starring Julia Robert and Javier Bardem back then in 2010. However, due to

If you are on holiday in Bali with children, don’t miss to visit this Park. Because these tourist attractions in Bali, provide the best safari experience for you and your