Read Before You Join to White Water Rafting Bali Ayung River
white water rafting Bali Ayung river

Conditions and Criteria for White Water Rafting Bali Ayung River

Friend of the traveler, in this Post we share information on the Criteria and Conditions of the famous Bali Ayung River and are much favored by Adventure and Adrenaline tourists, in this article we specifically discuss the Conditions and criteria of the river ayung, rafting Tips for beginners as well as Recommendation of the Arung Service Provider Company Safe and professional rafting.


Bali Island is one of the most famous centers of world destinations, both for foreign tourists and local tourists. The beauty of this island has been recognized the world, according to the standard version of the 2015 traveler Bali Island has been named the most beautiful island in the world, a variety of tourist activities to world and international accommodation facilities you can find on this island.

River in Bali

One of the favorite tourist activities in Bali is Arum Jeram Recreational Tourism or more popularly called “Rafting”. This rafting activity in Bali that adrenaline is not only found or carried out in a single river stream ripple on this island.

But this Bali island has many rivers, criteria and river conditions that are ideal for white water rafting Bali Ayung river activities divided into 3 rivers; The Ayung River in Ubud, the Telaga Waja River in Karangasem and Sungai Melangit in Klungkung, the three rivers have different levels of rapids.

Ayung River is the right choice for beginners or medium level rafting lovers (Rafter). The condition of the Ayung River is the longest river in Bali by crossing 2 Bangli and Badung districts, this river flows along 62 km and empties into the Badung Strait of Sanur.

For residents of Denpasar and Badung, Ayung River is also a source of clean water for two Regional Water Supply Companies (PDAMs) in Bali, namely PDAM Kota Denpasar and PDAM Kabupaten Badung.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ayung River

The initial criteria for rapids in the Ayung River, Ubud, have a special difficulty level at level I-III, with an average depth of 1 – 2 meters of water depending on the volume of water discharge in each season. Since the 70’s Rafting River has become a more recreational sport, almost all Rafting providers always choose rivers that have a low level of difficulty because they take into account safety and commercial factors to attract as many tourists as possible in these activities. Of course, novice tourists are much more trying to appeal to those who are professional.

The criteria and conditions of the white water rafting Bali Ayung river for Professionals will definitely choose rivers with higher levels or levels of difficulty, ie level IV-V with terrain is much more challenging for them and solid teamwork is needed in this condition because if there is a lack of calculation and cooperation the good will be fatal until it frowns. So the level of river conditions: IV-VI is not recommended for beginner or medium level.

Advantages of the Ayung River

  • The location of the river is 10 kilometers from the tourist center of Ubud (Ubud castle or Ubud market). So for tourists who stay in the Ubud area of ​​Bali certainly does not take time to reach this location. But if taken by driving a car or motorcycle from Kuta or Denpasar it will take approximately 1 hour
  • It is suitable for beginners with difficulty in rapids in class II to IV.
  • Beautiful scenery and still green through the cliff valley with oranamen stone carvings around the river cliffs.
  • Ayung River Ubud is suitable for recreational rafting – across many international and luxury villas, and there is also a stop for a frelax for a moment after a rafting trip. Where at the stop is a Cliff Jump spot with a height of 4 meters, never miss it.
  • There is a Waterfall Spot that is suitable for taking photos (Selfie) or you can feel the massage of falling water in your head.

Disadvantages of the Ayung River

  • Access from the lobby or starting point to the river bank must pass through a fairly large number of stairs.
  • As well as access from the river lip to the location of the restaurant after rafting is finished, you also have to climb a number of stairs which are quite tiring.
  • The flow of rapids is less strong so for those who like challenges and professional raft it seems less challenging.
  • The rafting route of Ubud’s Ayung River is shorter than the river route Telaga Wajah and Kelungkung.

6 List of Classification of Difficulty Levels of Level I rivers

Only basic skills are needed, it is suitable for those who first try white water rafting and usually the rider guide rafting tries to woo and direct the raft more than the other participants, this level condition can be found on the Ayung river.

Level II river level

Basic skills are also needed in pedaling. There will be a large rock in the river and boat maneuvering skills are also needed and usually the rider guide rafting is more trying to seduce and direct the raft than the other participants, this level condition can be found on the Ayung river.

Level III river level

It takes skill to paddle, there are small waves, there are large rocks, there is a maximum height of 4 meters. To be able to join the third grade river class, for beginners, they must hear the clear instructions of the rider guide rafting, this level condition can be found on the Ayung river.

Level IV river level

Here there are quite large currents and waves, there are many large rocks, maximum maximum height of 6 meters, requires reliable maneuverability, for beginners must hear the clear instructions of the rider guide rafting.

Level V river level

Here there are large stones in large numbers, hard currents and waves, very high waves. Expert level maneuvering skills are required, not recommended for beginners.

Level VI river level

The level on this river is very dangerous, even though professionals are very rare who dare to try. Rafting companies will not do rafting at this river level. People who have survived at this level are considered to be just luck.

The criteria and conditions of the Ayung River Rafting have a classification of river difficulty levels in class II-IV, very suitable for the first time trying rafting.

Conclusion of the Ayung River Conditions

If you want a white water rafting Bali Ayung river on the ayung river and after reading the conditions of the ayung river above which are certainly safe and recreational, yup … you can use the Sobek rafting operator or Toekad Rafting operator on the Ayung River in Ubud.Choosing the

Right Rafting Operator

Many choices of service companies that provide rafting activities on the Ayung River along with complete good safety standards and reliable insurance.Here you also need your foresight to see which rafting company is the best and reliable, although sometimes the price is not a benchmark of service.

Many offer relatively very cheap prices without regard to service factors, safety and security of participants in rafting by considering the conditions of the Ayung river

But travelers don’t have to worry because we Bali Ventur has selected well and precisely which Rafting Operators provide the best security and insurance for rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud. Book rafting here >> White Water Rafting Bali <<

Things that need to be considered

  1. Branded (A well-known company name starting from Bali Sobek, Bali Adventure, Maya Rafting, Toekad Rafting, Bali Bintang Rafting and others).
  2. Shuttle or Private facilities(Drivers pick up on time, friendly and inconsiderate driving in cars).
  3. Raft facility (starting from Lobby, Resto, Changing Room, Locker, Towel, and friendliness of rafting staff).
  4. Rafting equipment or equipment (Starting from Life jacket, helmet, Stick paddle, Ban Rafting good and decent conditions – because if the Raft is long enough then sometimes like to leak and not maintained because the base raft often rubs against the sand which is the basis of the condition of the river )
  5. Friendly and professional guide rider – this is necessary because they are the ones who will accompany and be our leader throughout the adventure (it requires an informative, communicative, care-ready and caring rider guide, funny and funny guys until your adventure will be fun and exciting and live).
  6. A buffet with a decent lunch menu and of course DELICIOUS. Can you imagine right? If you are tired and exciting all day playing in the river and the base of the rapids is in a state of hungry stomach to know the food is not tasty aka stale … here you also need to pay attention because this also includes the comfort of your stomach – until no diarrhea after eat hehehe … because this one is my very hobby.
  7. Well the last thing is no less important is INSURANCE, you must be observant and ensure that the provider of rafting services is insuring for every customer and customer well – because this is not less important, yes we never want a disaster but there is no harm if we keep watch right? The only key is to keep abiding by the rules and standard instructions during the stable river conditions.

Things to Prepare Before Rafting:

  • Clothes for playing water.
  • Sun Scream.
  • A pair of changing clothes.
  • We recommend wearing strappy sandals / mountain sandals or shoes specifically for playing water.
  • A little money to buy private photos when rafting or souvenirs.