4 Items to Bring When Trying ATV Adventures in Bali
ATV Adventures in Bali

ATV adventure or also known as quad bike adventure is one of the activities that you can try on the island of Bali, especially in the Ubud area.

This adventure will involve you in exciting and tense exploration. Where you have to drive an ATV while conquering wet and muddy fields.

Before trying it, there are 4 items that you must remember to bring when trying ATV Adventures in Bali. These items are:

1. Replacement Clothes
As we mentioned above that the Bali ATV tour is usually done on a route with wet and muddy terrain.That will certainly make the clothes you wear get dirty and wet after the adventure. Therefore, you should remember to bring a suit to wear from home.

Dirty clothes you can replace when you’re finished adventuring and cleaning yourself in a room that has been specifically provided.

2. Sunscreen Cream / Sunblock
ATV adventure will take place around natural routes where your skin will be exposed to direct sunlight.

This of course might make you burn and look a bit streaked.

Therefore it is important for you to bring and apply sunblock or sunblock cream before starting your adventure.

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3. Sunglasses
Sunlight not only burns your skin during ATV Adventures in Bali, but can also dazzle the eyes, especially when you have to drive against the sun.

But that you can avoid by wearing sunglasses during the adventure.

Not only does it avoid eye glare, wearing glasses can also prevent the eye from getting into the dust or small insects that might be cut along the adventure route.

4. Camera
Along the adventure route, of course there will be many exciting moments that you experience with your friends. You certainly don’t want to lose all those moments, do you?

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you also bring a camera, so that you can capture all of these moments into a photograph or video recording.

The type of camera you should bring is an action camera, which has a smaller size and usually also features dust proof and water splash features.

Well, that’s all the items you need to prepare before trying an ATV adventures in Bali.

How? Have all of the above been prepared by you?