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Bali also is known as the island of gods is an Indonesian island located in the Indian Ocean and only about 4 km to Java. This island is highly populated with colorful culture.

Best time to visit Bali

It is a dream destination for tourists who are looking to explore new lands. Many also return time to time to enjoy the exotic food and nature of Bali; Many of them are bag packers, surfers, and artists, such as writers who seek inspiration in the beauty and natural ways of living in Bali. Depending on the reason you would want to go to this beautiful island, raises a question. “when is the best time to visit Bali?” In general, it is known to be a warm country at any time of the year and is known to have two long seasons. One is May to Oct, which is known to a dryer season with sunnier days and cool evening breezes. The other season is from Nov to April is the moister with almost daily monsoon rain, high humidity and an average temperature of 31 degrees.

A Little about Bali

Bali is culturally diverse; There is the cultural influence of Christian, Muslims, and Hindus and a smaller percentage of Buddhists live in Bali.

Their architecture is spectral and exceptional to Bali. It is to a point that if you see any photo with a building in its background, you could trace it back to this magical island; It doesn’t matter if an ancient building or anew contraction. The roads are filled with traffic mostly with bikes and triple wheeled mini cars.

The food that grows in Bali is unique in taste. The spices, recopies and the use of coconut and fruits in the food, the secret lies in the soil. The fertile terrains of Bali is a mixture of high minerals and salts from the volcanic ash that is the secret to the high rate of this soil’s fertility. This makes their vegetables and fruits tasting remarkably good.

Bali is exceptionally rich in nature and cheap when it comes to offering hospitality to its tourists and foreign travelers. There is a premium service provided for outstanding hotels with mind-blowing architecture that include, pools in the room, breakfasts in water and stunning nature views. They also have many options for low budget travelers who seek a cheap stay.

What is the best time for you?

The best season to visit Bali can be highly related to your purpose of a visit, you could be surfer hoping for high waves or a saunter middle of jungle walks while it is raining. Or maybe you are going there to add Bali to your world travel list and get to know the people, culture, food, and language. Either one is the case there is a different time for each. Here we take a closer look at it.

Hot springs and volcanic mud baths

Tips for climbing mount batur
climbing mount Batur

If you are headed to Bali to visit the volcanic hot spring for healing, the May to Oct season may be the best. These months are wetter and raining most of the time. Although you can spend half of the price you are offered during the dry season, which attracts more tourists. The spas are usually indoors with controlled temperature, and the humidity is a plus point while taking a hot spring bath for the health of lungs and sinuses. These springs are known to heal bone problems, cellulite, muscle cramps, and many more.

Nature-loving strolls

Bali has much to offer when it comes to nature; There are many lakes, thick and wide leafed rainforest jungles, and even little villages and farms. The best time to visit Bali is the dry season for these destinations as well. Firstly, the number of snakes and insects increase on the roads and pathways during the monsoon as the flood washes them out to the open. It is much safer to do your farm villages, mountain climbing, or nature trekking during the dry season. Although many have sworn by the magical feeling of the monsoon winds. There are many hotels and local shops that can offer you a bicycle on a rental basis; a trip to the jungle with a bicycle couldn’t be any more fun.

Drafting, Surfing, and Sunbathing on the beach

The water activities both in sweet water and salty ocean water are spectacular in Bali. There are companies that could take you on a drafting adventure through Ayung River, the longest river on the island, for a good price. If you are a SUP boarder Zen floated, you could give this river a try as well as it is not a wild river. It is covered with rainforest vegetation on both sides that make you want to go even slower. Aug river is beautiful in both dry and monsoon season; Although its beauty is unique through each.

Surfer looks for the best waves and sunny days, and the dry season can meet their requirements. There are many activities such as snorkeling and jet-skiing and beach sports, or simply sunbathing that is better done from Nov to May. Although you could go to beaches during monsoon season, chances are you’d find most of the water sports clubs are closed until the beginning of November.

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Artists, and writers and budget travelers

There is nothing like the quiet nature to bring out the flow of creativity and summon the inspirational art. Overcrowded places with tourists in the high season don’t contribute to the artist’s way. The monsoon rain, the sound of raindrops landing on the surfaces of leaves, the night frog symphonies; these themselves have been the swear-by inspirational poetry descriptions, or a painted image. The monsoon season during the months of May to October provides this magical ambient for nature’s harmony seekers, yoga practitioners and above all, low budget traveler.

Costs of hotels and almost all services such as a spa, massage canters and guest houses with infinity pools are half during monsoon making it a reasonable choice for many to travel during these humid and wet months.


Bali is a stunning island that has something to offer for everyone; from luxurious nature resorts to budget-friendly activities. The best time to visit Bali is depended on the reason for your travel. You must consider the activities you like to indulge in and your budget. It is true that the dry season from May to October is the most popular time for less humidity and sunny beach days. However, the wet season can offer you cheaper prices on all activities and a more romantic rainy evening.