Mount Batur Trekking – Sunrise Trekking At Batur Volcano
mount batur trekking

It is the Mount Batur Bali trek in Kintamani is one of the most awaited and thrilling adventures you can enjoy while on the Island located in Bali, Indonesia.

The trip isn’t very difficult to accomplish from any area of Bali The guided hike will take you to an active volcano. Volcano– that’s 1 700 meters high.

This sunrise trekking is very popular as you enjoy stunning views of sunrise from the summit of the mountain, typically in an ocean of orange clouds.

I went on the Bali volcano hike in 2017 in celebration of my birthday. Then, I did it in 2020 when I was battling the Coronavirus pandemic. Both occasions, the Batur excursion was a unforgettable experience in its own manner.

This guide will outline how to climb this volcono, with or without a guide, as well as everything else you must know prior to your trip!

Quick Facts

  • Distance: 3-5 kilometers (2-3 miles) return
  • Height Gain 500m (1,650 feet)
  • Top Elevation: 1,717 meters (5,633 feet)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • The duration is 4 – 5 hrs, return

Best Mount Batur Trekking Tour Guide

In the first place, if you’re in search of a verified tour guide for your trip to Mount Batur Bali, here’s an top-rated Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour  beginning at the price of 400k IDR ($30 USD) which includes hotel pickup and drop off and a free breakfast.

The prices are affordable based on what we’ve seen advertised in Bali and online reviews are extremely positive too. You can also add on extras available such as massages, jungle swings ATVs, rafting, and massages.


Where Is Mount Batur Trekking?

It is Mount Batur volcano is located in the Kintamani highlands in the northeastern portion of Bali island.

It’s approximately 2 hours driving distance to Kuta, Canggu, and Sanur approximately 1.5 hours away from Ubud.

If you are staying directly in Kintamani the area, you can stroll to the mountain from the hotel! This is how we completed our most recent  sunrise hike.


About The Gunung Batur Volcano

Mount Batur (also called Gunung Batur” in Indonesian) is an active volcano thought to have been formed during an enormous apocalyptic eruption around 25000 years ago.

At one point (before it collapsed), Batur was apparently over 3800m (12,500 feet) tall , making it more that the Mount Agung Bali’s largest volcanic peak (which is already massive).

Nearly 2 dozen eruptions occurred around since 1804 when the recording began in the year 1804. The last eruption was in 1999 and 2000.

It sounds frightening however any signs of a volcanic eruption are monitored constantly by the Indonesian government. Therefore, Batur is usually considered secure to climb.

From 2015 onwards, UNESCO has listed that Mount caldera as a geopark worldwide due to its spectacular volcanic landscapes.


Sunrise Mount Batur Trekking

What To Expect

Mount Batur sunrise tours start with the extremely early morning pick-up (2 AM to 2:45 am) to allow your guide to guide you to Kintamani to hike to the summit of the volcano at the right time to catch sunrise.

This is a hugely well-known hike, and you’re likely to be hiking with many (if you’re lucky, hundreds) of local and international tourists walking along the same trail.

On the way up of the mountain, you’ll cross the top of the volcano, and you’ll be welcomed by groups of Balinese monkeys who are eager to share the sunrise (and your meals!). Be sure to keep an eye on the animals.

Our last hike, to Batur One monkey snatched our entire snack bag and when we returned back the bag, he’d stolen from the Pocari Sweat and drank it before us. Nakal monyet.

The Sunrise Up There

The sunrise view from top volcano is awesome.

On the left, you can see Lake Batur and the peaks of Gunung Abang, with the Mount Agung volcano barely visible over them.

In the distance behind the sun rises directly behind the sunrise is Bali Sea, and on an uncloudy day, you could even see the silhouette of Mount Rinjani on Lombok island in the distant distance!

How Hard Is It?

The mount Batur trekking takes about 2 hours (give or take) according to your fitness level. it’s not difficult in any way if you follow the trail. If you’re not sure about this hike, then do it!

Anyone can walk the distance however I wouldn’t interpret the fact that it’s not a joke. The climb is a good leg workout, and the descent is an ankle breaker.

It’s a steep 500m elevation increase. It’s likely to be a bit tired after your trek! You should plan having a Balinese massage for your feet afterward.

If you’re looking for a tougher climb than Batur with fewer crowds take a look at this Mountain Agung hike within the same region. However, Agung is a more difficult trek than Batur.

What To Bring

  • Jackets: Bring an extra layer to wear for your Mount Batur sunrise trek. The jacket will fall off immediately as the temperature rises however, you’ll desire it once you reach the top, while you watch the sunrise.
  • footwear: Regular shoes are acceptable, however, sturdy hiking shoes are ideal when it comes to hiking the Mount Batur hike. There will be slippery gravel, steep inclines or drops at times.
  • Poncho Should you be traveling in the rainy season (especially between December and February) You might want to carry an extra rain jacket in the event of.
  • Hydration: Most Batur tours will provide a small bottle of water to drink during the trek, however it is better to carry one liter (or 1.5L per person, that’s much better.
  • Food: Again, even although most tours offer breakfast at no cost, you’ll most likely need energy-boosting snacks.
  • Headlights Mount Batur sunrise trekking tours will offer inexpensive flashlights, but a good headlamp is even better.
  • Camera: Duh! A tripod of a small size could be helpful too as it’s dark before the dawn.


When To Go

You can go hiking at any time during the year, however the most ideal months are from May through November when it’s rainier and visibility on the mountain is the best.

Mount Batur Sunset Trekking

If you’re not a fan of getting up early to watch the sunrise mount Batur trekking, you can also go for the possibility of a sunset trek at Mount Batur.

A Mount Batur sunset isn’t quite as dramatic as sunrise, since there’s no Gunung Abang in the background However, you’ll still be able to enjoy some spectacular images.

If the hotel you’re in is Kintamani and own drones, you can fly around and snap photos of the sunset without hiking.