Bali ATV Waterfall and Tunnels – Promo Starts 450k

ATV Cycling in Waterfall and Tunnel starts from IDR 450K. Bali ATV through Waterfall and tunnel is one of the exciting tourist activities that you can find in Bali. Cycling ATV Bali Waterfall is located in a remote village in the tourist area of ​​Ubud. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bali ATV Waterfall is designed to enjoy the atmosphere and nature of the traditional Balinese countryside, combined with local elegance and hospitality for an unforgettable Bali ATV ride experience.

In this Bali ATV tourism activity, you will be wet, dirty and amazed by what you do for 1 hour 30 minutes at Bali ATV Waterfall Ubud.

Enjoy an exciting adventure of around 1.30 hours to 2 hours riding a 4-wheeled bicycle that is capable of cruising on all terrains in the stunning Balinese countryside. Ride an ATV along challenging trails such as rice fields and countryside.

bali atv rideThen the trail goes up and down the valley, past the river with its waterfalls and green forest. After that get a fun action ATV ride in tunnels and muddy terrain suitable for all skill levels.

Bali ATV Waterfall and Tunnel Included

  • Assisted by an experienced ATV guide in exploring the vast and beautiful rice fields. Breaking the silence of tropical forests and ancient tunnels made during the Dutch colonial period.
  • Guides who are ready to help and provide the best services such as maintaining and monitoring the safety of each participant. Assist in taking photos and videos for each participant along the Bali ATV Waterfall track. Such as rivers, canyons, valleys, forests, plantations, muddy water puddles.
  • Opportunity to adventure with Bali ATV with a capacity of 250 cc engine which is semi-automatic and easy to drive.
  • Lockers, bath towels, bathroom amenities and changing rooms are provided.
  • Enjoy our lunch after playing ATV is over and before returning to your hotel.
  • Boots and other safety equipment are provided.
  • Insurance During the 7 km long Bali ATV Waterfall adventure.

Bali ATV Waterfall Activities.

In this ATV Bali activity, you can choose 2 choices of ATV Ride Ubu cycling packages. This package is adjusted to the age and courage of the participants. See an explanation of the ATV tour packages that we offer you,

1. Single ATV – Riding an ATV motorbike alone
Before you join for this Bali ATV adventure, you should know what is Single atv. Single ATV is an ATV ride adventure with one rider (1 ATV motorbike 1 person). Of course with this option you can ride an ATV motorbike alone and it will give you satisfaction without thinking about your passengers.

This Single ATV option will give you a sense of freedom in exploring according to the skills you have. But for beginners, you don’t need to worry because we will provide a guide on riding ATV and give a test drive before going to the track.

2. Tandem ATV – Riding an ATV for two
Tandem ATV Ride means one ATV Bike with one rider and one passenger (2 people in total in one quad bike). Therefore, this activity is usually carried out in pairs or children under 10 years old who will be passengers.

But in the middle you can switch positions where the passenger becomes the driver and vice versa. But this is usually done by adult couples. If children under 10 years are not recommended.!

Tips for Riding ATV in Bali

The following are some tips that you need to know about the technique of riding an ATV in Bali so that your tourism activities are safer and more enjoyable. Let’s check!

1. Wear Safety Equipment
We are required to wear safety equipment such as helmets and boots. But you don’t need to bring it from your home…All the equipment has been prepared by the ATV tour service provider in Bali. And this has been included in the ATV Tour Package in Bali.

2. Get to know the basic techniques of driving an ATV
The technique of riding an ATV is actually almost the same as a motorcycle. The difference is only in the way the gas is operated and the gear shift is between forward and reverse. Gas operation on the ATV is done by pressing the button on the left side handlebar. And the gas operation on a motorcycle is on the handlebars on the right hand.

3. Don’t lower your legs when the ATV is running
When riding a motorcycle, it doesn’t matter if you lower your legs when you lose your balance. But when riding an ATV, this is the most fatal thing, especially if the ATV Quad Bike you are riding is still in a state of the road. Because, ATV tires can drag your feet.

4. Not allowed to play ATV if under the influence of alcohol
If you plan to do ATV Ride Recreation in Bali, you are not allowed to consume all types of liquor or those containing alcohol. Because, the impact of alcohol on us can make your focus down while driving.

The lack of focus of course automatically makes it difficult for you to adjust your ATV. Until, this can cause harm to ourselves.

5. Listen and follow the directions of your ATV Guide
During the adventure, you will be accompanied by an experienced ATV guide. For our safety, you should always follow the instructions of all the directions they give throughout this ATV tour.

What do you need to bring?

  • Extra clothes, because on the last trip we invited you to play in the mud, even more fun after trekking in the forest.
  • Sun Cream, the weather in Bali has been a bit hot lately, sun cream is the best solution for your skin
    Extra money, Quad Bike ride is a bit tiring, so we provide cold drinks at the rest area, of course you have to spend a little money for your small expenses.
  • Camera, it’s possible, because we give you the opportunity to take photos on your journey.

How to Order Cheap ATV Packages in Bali

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And for an impromptu order, please contact us via Whatsapp +6281330077904
For all orders without an invite, the New Normal period requires a 25% deposit of the total payment