Good Eating Places In Ubud, You Can Try It!!!
Good Eating Places In Ubud

Good Eating Places In Ubud, You Can Try It. Ubud is a complete culinary destination for you when you are travelling to Bali. There are many restaurants that are worth trying there. Here are eight that you should not miss while on vacation in Bali:


Want to eat good and healthy with large portions? Please come to the cafe. Yes, that’s the name. Cafe only Good Eating Places in Ubud. The location is on Jalan Hanoman, adjacent to Resto Kebun which is also a sister company. The cafe has two floors and provides a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. This place is a melting pot of yogis and tourists who are visiting Bali travel places. The menu starts with salads, nachos, pasta, fried rice, to various cakes. Prices start from IDR 15,000.

9K Warung

Want to find a cheap vegetarian shop? 9K Warung, which has a vegetarian menu can be your choice. 9K Warung is located in the Tunduh Lot area, opposite the Tanah Tho gallery. This shop has a self-service concept: Choose yourself, spoon yourself, and pay for yourself. Only with Rp. 9,000, you can eat delicious and healthy, like on the water. Pak Thony, the owner of 9K Warung, also made it a semi-gallery place. So eclectic, so warm, and very comfortable.

Borneo 88

Finding Chinese food in Ubud is not easy. However, there is one in the city centre, precisely on Jalan Raya Ubud. His name is Borner 88. This place is only a few meters from Puri Ubud. Borneo 88 provides complete Pontianak specialities. You can even choose the ‘five-star’ menu, which is the main menu plus satay and fried chicken. The price is quite reasonable, starting from Rp. 22,000.

Where We Can Get Cheapest Good Eating Place in Ubud?

Sate Muslim

From the Arjuna statue to the right direction of Kedewatan, there is a Madurese Muslim satay stall. The menu is definitely satay goat and glue goats. Not adventurous, but it tastes the most solid among satay artisans around Ubud. The price is Rp. 25,000 for 10 sticks and Rp. 20,000 for glue goats. Oh yes, they also provide cold beer.


Alchemy is said to have the most delicious salad in Ubud. Their salad bar is very complete and fresh. You can choose 4 types of organic vegetables and one dressing. If you don’t eat salad, don’t worry, please look at the menu, or try the ice cream. The salad package costs Rp. 39,000 ++ and other menus start at Rp. 15,000. Alchemy is located in Penestanan, rising to the top of the Antonio Blanco Museum.

Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil is still the best duck restaurant in Ubud. Strategic location. The menu is certain: savoury fried duck. The price starts from IDR 50,000. If you arrive by vehicle, parking is available at Jalan Sugriwa. This is the most visited Good Eating Places In Ubud.

Good Pizza

Every week, Pizza Bagus holds an organic market for the public. More than that, they provide fresh fruits every day. This restaurant is located on Jalan Pengosekan. Pizza Bagus has been open since 1996. Age cannot lie, their experience of providing delicious food is not in doubt. Pizza, salads, sandwiches, various bread and Indonesian food. Prices start from IDR 20,000.

Ubud Market Come to Ubud Market at dawn until around 07.00 WITA. There are many Balinese snacks such as various cakes, Balinese porridge, and jinggo rice. Breakfast is sparing and certainly delicious. But if it comes late, around 9:00 a.m., the Ubud Market turns into a souvenir market. So make sure to come before sunrise.

Naughty Nuri’s

Nothing has matched the deliciously grilled ribs at Naughty Nuri’s. They consistently provide rib menus for years. Nuri’s is located on Jalan Raya Sangingan, a bit far from the city, but really worth pursuing. If you don’t eat pork, there is a menu of chicken, fried rice, noodles, rib soup, and salad. But unfortunately it’s only when you go to Nuri’s, but don’t try the burnt ribs. Prices start from IDR 30,000.

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The speciality of Pak Sanur chickens is cooked for 12 hours on low heat, with a variety of herbs and spices complete. So when eating, all meat and skin will easily escape from the bone. The price of betutu chicken made by Mr Sanur is valued at Rp 100,000 per head. Meanwhile, the portion per plate complete with vegetables is valued at Rp. 25,000. The stall is open from the morning around 08.00-20.00.

Where Can We Find Good Eating Places In Ubud?

Ayam Betutu Pak Sanur is located at Jalan Arjuna number 19, Ubud. How to cook betutu ducks in the traditional way.

His house is located at Jalan Arjuna number 10. But make no mistake Good Eating Places In Ubud. Mr Ketut does not open a stall or restaurant.