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Gili Trawangan is the largest Gili compared to other Gilis. And the largest of the three small islands or the Gilis, which is northwest of Lombok. Gili Trawangan is very famous for its beautiful coral reefs and makes this tourist spot very crowded. This post about how to go to gili from Bali

Of the three Gilis, Trawangan has facilities for a variety of tourists, such as: the shop “Tir na Nog” states that Trawangan is the smallest island in the world that has an Irish bar. In addition, Trawangan has a ‘party‘ compared to Gili Meno and Gili Air, due to the number of parties throughout the night which are rotated every night by a crowd.

The most popular activities are scuba diving (equipped with PADI certification), snorkeling (on the northeast coast), kayaking and surfing. On Trawangan, transportation is generally only for bicycles and cidomo, which is a kind of horse-drawn carriage or also called dokar in the Central Java area. On Trawangan you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the same time on this beach.

Bali The History of Gili Trawangan

The history of Trawangan begins from the dumping of Prisoners from the enemies of the King who ruled at that time. And about 350 rebels were captured and exiled to Trawangan, then around the 1970s the island was visited by migrants from Sulawesi who then settled.

Gili Trawangan

Gili from BaliHow to Go to Gili from Bali

You can use a fast boat from the Port of Padangbai in Bali, and immediately arrive at Trawangan. For a long trip about 1.5 hours. Or you can go through Benoa Harbor, for a pretty expensive tariff around above Rp.200,000.

But there is a cheaper option by using a ferry from Padangbai Harbor to Sheet Harbor on Lombok Island. And of course it will take around 4 hours, because from Sheet to cross to Trawangan, you have to go to Bangsal Harbor first. That simple how to go to gili from Bali

Gili from Bali

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How to go to Gili Trawangan from Lombok

To get to Lombok Island you can use an airplane and will arrive at Lombok International Airport (BIL) in Praya, Central Lombok. Then from BIL continue the journey to Bangsal Harbor or Teluk Nara. But you can also go to Senggigi by using a fastboat from Bali. The price of a taxi or car rental from BIL is around Rp. 300,000 – Rp. 350,000.

Or you can also use the Damri Bus to Senggigi, then continue with a taxi. Travel time from BIL to Teluk Nara is around 2 hours. And usually if through Nara Bay, tourists are more happy, because from the car park to the speedboat is very close. However, at Bangsal Harbor, from the car park, you have to walk to the dock or you can also take a cidomo.

How to get to Gili Trawangan from Teluk Nara

The choice is only to rent a speedboat but to use it one must rent a boat. And the price varies, but there are minimum provisions for people who go up.

How to go to Gili Trawangan from Bangsal Harbor

The cheapest way to get to Trawangan is by using a public boat that departs from Bangsal from 08:00 to 5:00 (but rarely departs above 4PM). The estimate price is IDR 30,000.
Sometimes leaving only when there are enough people. Usually at least 15 can already depart.

If there aren’t enough passengers, you might wait longer. The official number of passengers on each ship is 30 people. But sometimes ships that are already overloaded can depart.

Buy tickets directly from the official office of the Sea Maritime Transportation Cooperative. The Bangsal is located inside the main building right on the left bank near the door in the east corner. The Cooperative operates Public Boats, Shuttle ships, Hopping Island ships and also offers chartered vessels.

The Public Boat Office in Trawangan is right on the north coast of an unused concrete jetty, near where you get off Cidomo or the vehicle that takes you. You may need to wait until 15-20 other people show up, so it’s good to be there early in the morning (7 AM – 8:00) if you want to leave quickly. The last boat left Trawangan around 3pm.

Ticket from Bangsal to Trawangan Rp. `15,000 (One Way)
Ticket From Trawangan To Ward Rp. 30,000 (one way)
The price of a one-way Bangsal – Grawangan Ship Charter is Rp. 350,000, while to commute is Rp. 450,000.

Transportation on Trawangan

Angkot or bemo on Trawangan is not like three-wheeled vehicles in other cities, but rather a term for public transportation on Trawangan.
Cidomo is usually known as horse cart or transportation to be used in Lombok Island. And Cidomo can be found in traditional markets and tourist areas.

Hotels in Trawangan

Here are some hotels in Trawangan that you can try to stay in:

  • Little Coco Gili Trawangan Hotel & Villas
  • Trawangan Hotel & Villas
  • Blue Marlin Trawangan
  • Midnight Star II Bungalow
  • Ombak Sunset Hotel
  • Intan Inn Hostel
  • Natya Hotel Gili Trawangan
  • Lumbung Cottage II
  • The Lakshmi Villas
  • The Gili Sands Beach Club
  • Baleku Homestay Trawangan
  • Hotel Villa Ombak
  • Jasia Gili Luxury Villas Resort
  • Kanaka Gili
  • Coral Beach II Bungalow
  • Wisma Bunda
  • Syifa Homestay
  • Scallywags Resort Gili Trawangan
  • Angel’s Cottages
  • Andi Homestay, Paus Street
  • Mosaix Gili Bungalows

The climate in Gili Trawangan

The climate in Trawangan has a different climate, more often it rains in Bali or Lombok. But with this climate tourists can still enjoy the beauty of the beach.

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Regional Languages ​​on Gili Trawangan

The atmosphere of Lombok can be felt through the Sasak regional language, which is one of the everyday communication languages ​​of the local community. And local people are quite aware of the tourism potential in their area, and most of them are aware of the tourism potential in their area. Therefore, do not hesitate to greet and communicate with the people of Trawangan when meeting on the road.

Tourist Attractions in Gili Trawangan

  • White sandy beaches, almost all the beaches in the tourist area of ​​Trawangan have clean white sand and beautiful panoramas.
  • Underwater world, water sports activities like snorkeling and diving are the most popular things on Trawangan. There are several famous dive areas on Trawangan and each has its own uniqueness, such as Jack Point, Shark Point, Halik Reef, Coral Fan Garden, Bounty Reef, Trawangan Slope, Simon Reef and Turbo.
  • Sunset on Trawangan, one of the most sought after tourists because of the charm of the sunset (sunset) on Trawangan is so beautiful in a location called Sunset View on the west of the island.
  • Conversion of turtles, located near the port of Trawangan. At the place there are many baby turtles which will then be released into the ocean to be able to breed freely, and usually will be held a kind of traditional ceremony in the release of these animals into the sea.
  • Live Music, For a number of bars and cafes on Trawangan already accustomed to providing live music performances. And this is one of the entertainment that is liked by tourists when visiting Gili Trawangan.

Nightly Entertainment on Gili Trawangan

You’re welcome – Reggae Bar
Tir Na Nog Bar
The Jungle Pre-Drinking Bar
Jiggy Jig’s
Beautiful Life
Surf Bar Gili Trawangan

Recommended Places to Eat on Gili Trawangan

  • Scallywags Organic Seafood Bar & Girl
  • Paradise Sunset Bar
  • Pearl Bar
  • Gili Deli
  • Ombak Sunset
  • Wrap A Snapper
  • Night Market
  • Taco Corner
  • Kokomo, Gili Trawangan North Lombok
  • Le Pirate Beach Club Gili, Gili Trawangan Lombok
  • Kayu Cafe

Tips for Holiday on Gili Trawangan

Don’t litter and protect the environment while visiting Gili Trawangan.
If you use an airplane, you should choose an early morning flight schedule.

Hope this article how to go to Gili from Bali cab be your preference

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