Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali That Must Be Visited!
Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali That Must Be Visited! It’s no exaggeration if Bali gets the nickname heaven of the world because of its worldwide natural beauty. Besides that, it is not uncommon for foreigners who are more familiar with the name of Bali than Indonesia, this certainly proves the popularity of the extraordinary island of Bali.

Bali is indeed a paradise for tourists and there are lots of tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Bali ranging from natural tourism to culture. Most Beautiful Beaches in bali but it certainly won’t be complete if you don’t visit the beautiful beaches of Bali when visiting here. What beaches should be visited when visiting Bali? Here are our recommendations for the 7 most beautiful beaches that must be visited, let’s listen one by one!

Sanur Beach Bali

Most of the beaches in the area of South Bali are famous for the beautiful scenery of the sunset or sunset, well if on the other Sanur Bali beaches the story, this beach is even famous for the beauty of the sunrise or sunrise. This is because the location of Sanur beach is on the eastern coast of Bali so that you can enjoy stunning views at sunrise. In addition to the sunrise view, this beach also has clean white sand and waves that are calm enough to be suitable for swimming and other water sports.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali

Nusa Dua Beach Bali is touted as one of the cleanest beaches in Bali so it’s no wonder that this beach is one of the favourite beaches for tourists. Along the Nusa Dua coast, there are also five-star hotels which are the main reason why the beach is always kept clean. There are two beaches in Nusa Dua, namely the Geger and Mengiat beaches, both beaches are safe for swimming due to the calm waves, perfect for tours with family and children.

What is The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali That Must Be Visited?

Jimbaran Beach

For those of you who like seafood like grilled fish and the like, Jimbaran beach is the place that suits you! Here you can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes ranging from grilled fish, shellfish to crabs until satisfied. Besides that you will be accompanied by a beautiful sunset view while enjoying seafood dishes that are fresh and delicious, just imagine it makes you impatient to want a vacation isn’t it?

Karma Kandara Beach

If you want to relax on the beach with clean and accompanied by the beauty of the sea like in the Mediterranean islands, the Karma Kandara beach is the most appropriate choice. Here you can get privacy and tranquillity that may be rarely found on other popular Balinese beaches. But instead, you have to pay a ticket for IDR 250,000 / person. Of course, the price is not a large amount compared to the calm obtained during your vacation.

Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot Beach is a beach that is very popular in Bali, almost every day the beach is crowded with domestic and foreign tourists. This tourist spot is one of the places that must be visited if you are on vacation in Bali. The main attraction is the view of the sunset with the silhouette of the temple in the middle of the sea, the maximum splendour of the Tanah Lot temple you can witness at that moment. So don’t miss this beach while visiting Bali.

Kuta Beach Bali

Here comes the main star of beaches in Bali! Who has never heard of the name Kuta Beach Bali? This beach is the most popular destination that is famous for its beauty in foreign countries. There are so many reasons why Kuta beach is the favourite of tourists in Bali, such as access to Ngurah Rai airport, complete facilities around Kuta beach (hotels, restaurants, malls) and the beauty of the sunset view. It’s incomplete if you visit Bali without visiting Kuta beach.

Where Can You Visit the Most Beautiful Beach in Bali?

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach which is located in Pecan Pecatu area is almost similar to Kuta Bali beach, you can find clean white sand and complete tourist facilities from restaurants to villas around this beach. Besides that the most interesting view is the white coral that surrounds the coast of Dreamland, the existence of this rock further complements the beauty and uniqueness of Dreamland beach. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset views on this beach.

Now that’s the 7 most beautiful beaches in Bali that you can visit in the next vacation! Looking for comfortable lodging in Bali? Airy Rooms are available all over the island of Bali to ensure the comfort of your stay while on vacation. Airy Rooms is also committed to giving you the best stay.