Selfie Photo Tours In Bali, Suitable For You !!!
Selfie Photo Tours In Bali

Selfie Photo Tours In  Bali, Suitable For You !!! Today many tourist attractions in Bali are visited by those who love selfie travel. Moreover, many new tourism objects are emerging nowadays, which are contemporary and appear different, those who like to take selfies will usually compete to be the first to be able to enjoy, spread the beauty through social media that is the current trends and hits. For this reason, on this page, we pack specific information about the latest selfie photos in Bali.

Selfie Photo Tours In Bali

Trends now, hunting photos that are current hits and instagramable, that’s why you who like to enjoy the beauty of the latest atmosphere as selfie photo tours. We pack the information in this page. Various beautiful and charming places that are very popular in Bali travel place.

Of all that is served, Bali not only has popular tourist attractions such as Tanah Lot, Kintamani or Bedugul, but now many new places have sprung up, if you are a tourist who often comes to Bali and likes selfie photos, then you package a tour in Bali by visiting recommended places on this page.

Wanagiri Peak

In this area there are a number of places for selfie photos, located in Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng. This place is a hill overlooking Lake Buyan, from here the beauty of Lake Buyan you can enjoy more fully.

For this reason, local residents make tourist attractions that are packed by presenting the beauty of nature. As there is Yeh Ketipat village, a boat-shaped pavilion. Located on a high cliff with the background of Buyan lake. As well as a swing hanging from a large tree trunk. Looks fantastic, an instagramable and popular place today for get Selfie Photo Tours In Bali.

Bukit Campuhan Ubud

The tourist attraction in Bali is located about 5 minutes drive from the centre of Ubud. A beautiful hill filled with weeds, this place is very beauty. Can be an ideal selfie destination for young people to get Selfie Photo Tours In Bali.

Above the mountain is a jogging track with a width of 1.5 meters, a length of about 2 km. Along the way besides enjoying the weeds, also the beautiful valleys that adorn this area, in the distance there is a view of green rice fields that blend in harmony with the surrounding nature, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. A tourist spot beside the beach in Bali that can provide different nuances.

Tukad Melangit Pavilion

Tukad Melangit ATM platform instagramable tourist attraction in Bali that is ready to present something different, in this place, there are at least two boat-shaped platforms, which are located on high cliffs above the Melangit river, located in the hamlet of Antugan, Jehem village, Kec. Tembuku, Bangli.

From the platform, you can freely take selfies, with the backdrop of cliffs, valleys and hills that look green with tropical trees. Not only that, there are also a number of swings, gazebos, stilt houses where you can relax, including you can enjoy orange picking, the surrounding natural feel is still beautiful, quiet and away from the crowds.

Bird’s Nest At Love Waterfall

When you see many friends who put up the latest bird nest selfies that are quite unique on the social media veranda, these places are inspired by the bird’s nest in this Cinta waterfall.

Bird nest made specifically for those who like this selfie photo is very unique, hung on a tree trunk, climbs with a bamboo ladder, then you determine the ideal force to get the best camera shots. Here are a number of spots for selfies like swings, butterfly-shaped platforms including a heart-shaped platform in front of the waterfall. Location in Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng.

Where Can We Find Beautiful Selfie Photo Tours In Bali?

Munduk Asri Payangan

This tourist attraction in Bali is quite new, open to the public at the end of 2017, located in the village of Kerta, Kec. Payangan, Gianyar, if it’s from Denpasar it is in the same direction as Kintamani. This latest tourist attraction presents quite different and iconic natural beauty.

This place emphasizes the uniqueness and beauty of a wooden root from the trunk that has been lost, the wood roots spread on the cliff surface, look beautiful, unique and instagramable. The creeping roots are used by visitors for selfies. In this place, there is also a platform with a wooden root background and a bamboo bridge, as a place for selfies.

Big Garden Corner

The location is strategically on the side of the road bypass Ngurah Rai Padang Galak Sanur. A place to relax in the corner of Denpasar. Big Garden Corner is designed with the arrangement of beautiful gardens and combined with hundreds of statues scattered throughout the park area. Well, that’s where you can visit selfie photos for your photo collection.