Where in Bali Was Eat Pray Love-Guide to Enjoy the Legendary Julia Robert’s
eat pray love

Where in Bali was Eat Pray Love? Well, many people come to Bali due to the movie starring Julia Robert and Javier Bardem back then in 2010. However, due to mass tourism and development, pure Bali has been destroyed far before the film was taken. Still, you can visit locations where Eat, Pray, Love was filmed.

Many foreigners that come to Bali also ask “where in Bali was Eat, Pray, Love”. This thing also gives a contribution to tourism at some point. In this article, we will show you the guide to visit places where the film was filmed. So, you need to read this article thoroughly. On the other hand, you can use it as your itinerary next time you go to Indonesia.

Where in Bali Was Eat Pray LoveWhere in Bali was Eat Pray Love? – The Guide to Enjoy the Legendary Julia Robert’s Bali

Where to Stay

You can always stay in one of the film locations. The price is not expensive because for one room at Villa Ibu Rama Ubud costs from USD 40 per night. After Julia Robert made a movie here, many people want to stay in this place. However, you can also get to some nicer places to stay nowadays. There are wide ranges of accommodations you should take a look according to your budget and the attractions you want to visit.

Places to Visit

If you want to visit the places where Julia Robert go during the movie Where in Bali was eat pray love, you can start from Tegalalang Rice Terraces. However, this place might be pretty crowded, especially during the holiday season. You can always visit Ubud to get the rice terraces. If you want to get great perspectives, you can go to the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

The next place is the Ubud Traditional Art Market. The market is located in the town center of Ubud. Again, we will remind you that this place would be very crowded during the holiday season. If you are lucky to get to Bali out of the holiday season, the art market is owned by you alone.

The most interesting part of the movie is the reader and healer. Ketut Liyer was the popular palm reader from the film. However, today his shop gained a scam reputation.

The next location is Padang Padang Beach. The beach is getting crowded from time to time. It is not located anywhere near Ubud after all. You can always go there to get a swim and chill under the sun. Just do not forget to apply sunscreen in the first place.

Does Where in Bali was eat pray love still Exist?

All we can say is that the exact locations do still exist. However, everything is very crowded now even though it does not make Bali any less appealing. Bali will always be a place in this world that charms everyone who visits the island. You can simply go to other places on the island to get a sense of the movie without having to go to the exact locations of the movie was filmed.



Bali is far more developed today. Even though it destroys the pureness of the island, it is also the reason why tourism flows are this enthusiastic. People agree that Bali is the best place in Southeast Asia or even the entire earth. We also believe in it.

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Bottom Line

More than anything, Eat, Pray, Love is just a movie where everything is set and created. The locations are studio creations so you cannot expect the places you see in the movie would be the same in the real world. We highly recommend you to visit Bali because this island has true natural wonders. You will find a lot more interesting things other than just wondering about “where in Bali was Eat, Pray, Love”.

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