The Amazing 40 Things To Do in Lombok Indonesia
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More than just a paradise for surfers, Lombok is now a tourist destination coveted by nature fans from all over the world. With countless interesting activities, the island’s fame continues to rise towards popularity.

Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia and sacred to Sasaks and Hindus, is the main focus of this beautiful island. Climbing to the top will give climbers a stunning view of volcanic craters and lush green expanses. Find peace while lying on the beaches of Kuta and Senggigi. Try island-hopping from island to island, like Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Feel the experience of snorkeling or swimming among beautiful coral and stunning sea life.

Although famous for its quiet and peaceful beach life, tourists can also see a different side of Lombok in Mataram, the capital of NTB province which is rich in history and religion in the western part of Lombok.

The warehouse of beautiful tourist attractions is not only Bali. Lombok, which is located next to Bali, has places that are no less interesting to explore. No wonder, at this time the popularity of Lombok in the eyes of tourists has increased dramatically.

The Best Things To Do In Lombok

Lombok Island, which is included in West Nusa Tenggara Province, is divided into five government areas, namely:

  • Mataram City Government
  • West Lombok Regency Government
  • North Lombok Regency Government
  • Central Lombok District Government
  • East Lombok Regency Government

Each region has interesting places and has its own uniqueness. It is natural that a tourist is never bored while visiting Lombok. Well, here is a list of 40 tourist attractions in Lombok by region:

List of tourist attractions in the city of Mataram

The city of Mataram is often the main stopover when on the island of Lombok. The following is a row of tourist attractions that can be visited in the city of Mataram:

1. Ampenan Old City

While in Lombok, you have the opportunity to witness the existence of old buildings that have classic architecture. Its location in the Ampenan Old City which was once known as the most crowded city and is the main port city in Lombok. The proof was clearly displayed, with the existence of old buildings that are still standing in this tourist spot.

The Amazing 40 Things To Do in Lombok
The Amazing 40 Things To Do in Lombok

If you want to see the atmosphere of the Ampenan Old City, it’s not too difficult. Ampenan Old City tourist attractions which are part of the city of Mataram can be reached from the Port of Sheet – a port that connects Padangbai Bali with Lombok. The journey from the Sheets to here is not too far, only takes 1 hour.

In addition, the Ampenan Old City is also often a stopover for tourists. The reason is because here there are various choices of cheap hotels. In addition, transportation access from Ampenan to various tourist attractions in Lombok can also be found easily.

2. Taman Mayura Temple

A classic atmosphere is not only found in the Ampenan Old City. Other variations, you can also choose to visit the tourist sites of Taman Mayura Temple in Cakranegara. This area is known as a historic area in the city of Mataram. Mainly, because this place is a colony of Bali’s Karangasem Kingdom.

The Amazing 40 Things To Do in LombokTaman Mayura Temple is also a legacy from Raja Anak Agung Made Karangasem from the Karangasem Kingdom of Bali. The building which was founded in 1744 has a beautiful architectural design. No wonder so many tourists visit this 3 hectare tourist attraction.

You can go to this tourist spot from the center of Mataram using public transportation or taxi. To enter the park area, visitors are charged a cheap entry fee, which is Rp 5,000 per person. The fee includes tour guide services provided by the manager of Taman Mayura Temple.

3. Meru Temple

Had been an area of ​​the Kingdom of Karangasem Bali, Hinduism in Lombok was quite high. This can be seen from the existence of Meru Temple tourist attractions in Cakranegara which is the largest temple in Lombok. The age is also old, built in the 18th century.

Meru TempleThe tourists who come to this tourist spot can witness the unique architectural design of the temple. When crossing the road, you will be confronted with the existence of three storey meru which is made by using a roof made from palm fiber.

4. Mataram Mall

Mataram MallIf you want to find a convenient shopping location in Lombok, the location to go is Mataram Mall. This shopping center is located on Jl. Pejanggik, Cakranegara, Mataram City. In this tourist spot, you will find the existence of two buildings, namely Mataram Mall 1 and Mataram Mall 2 which can be a shopping location for various types of goods.

List of tourist attractions in West Lombok Regency

West Lombok Regency also has interesting tourist spots in Lombok. The following is a row of popular tourist destinations in West Lombok:

5. Senggigi Beach

Since long time ago, Senggigi Beach is known as the most popular tourist destination in the whole of Lombok. This beach is about 50 Km from Sheet Harbor. As a well-known tourist area, supporting facilities can be found easily here. Starting from the existence of cheap hotels, transportation facilities, tour guide services, snorkeling equipment rental, and others.

Senggigi BeachThis tourist spot is always crowded with visitors, both day and night. Moreover, there are rows of luxury hotels along the beach. Those who visit this place are not only local tourists, but also foreign tourists. Understandably, this place is often referred to as a pioneer who introduced Indonesian tourism in the international world.

Who is not impressed with Senggigi Beach in Lombok? A long coastline, brownish white sand, and clear green water will make you cease to be amazed. Spending just a few hours here, of course it feels less.

In order to enjoy the charm of its beauty for a long time, you should choose lodging that is not far from the lip of Senggigi Beach. So, you only need to walk when you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a typical beach.

6. Batu Bolong Temple

If you are in the Senggigi area, you can not only witness the beauty of Senggigi Beach. Pura Batu Bolong tourist attractions are also a pity to miss. This temple has an atmosphere similar to Tanah Lot in Bali, mainly because of its location on the beach. In addition, this temple has a characteristic in the presence of hollow stones in the temple area.

Batu Bolong TempleTo enter this tourist attraction, visitors must pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 30,000 per person. The best moment that can be felt when coming to this place is in the afternoon before sunset. At that time, you will get an exotic impression — a view of the temple against a background of orange sky.

7. Sekotong Beach

Sekotong Beach can be the choice of the next interesting tourist spot on the island of Lombok. The beach, which is 60 Km from the center of the city of Mataram, has a beauty that makes anyone amazed. Moreover, this beach is a beach that is surrounded by hilly areas, making it a clean location and rarely touched by human hands.

Sekotong BeachVarious activities can be done at this tourist spot. The clear water, will invite you to explore the natural beauty under the sea. In addition, you can also invite family members or group friends to tour dozens of small islands which are located close to Sekotong Beach. Starting from Gili Asahan, Gili Layar, Gili Tangkong, Gili Gede, Gili Sudak, Gili Nanggu, and others.

8. Gili Sudak

Gili SudakThe beautiful island of Lombok is not just Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, or Gili Air. Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis have now been transformed into tourist attractions that are ogled by tourists. Especially since both places are located in Sekotong Tengah, West Lombok, it presents an atmosphere like a private island.

In the tourist spot of Gili Sudak, you will see a stretch of white sand that covers the entire island. The scenery will be decorated by the existence of a row of pine trees. Not only that, you can also see the beauty of the underwater world which is full of biodiversity.

Travel to these tourist attractions is also not too difficult. You only need to travel the distance between Mataram and Sekotong Tengah which can be traversed for 1 hour. After that, the journey continues with a motorboat that has a capacity for six people. You arrived at Gili Sudak.

9. Gili Kedis

Gili Kedis offers a much more interesting atmosphere than Gili Sudak. Especially, because this tourist spot is an island smaller than Gili Sudak. In fact, to get around the island can be done in a short time, only 7 minutes.

Gili KedisBecause of its small size, of course you will not be able to find any facilities on this island. Therefore, if you want to linger in this tourist spot, you must prepare supplies first. As a means of staying overnight, you can find it on Gili Sudak.

10. Sesaot Tourism Forest

If you are the type of person who prefers the natural atmosphere in the middle of the forest, West Lombok has a choice. The tourist spot is Sesaot Tourism Forest which is located in Sesaot Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency.

Sesaot Tourism ForestThis tourist spot is perfect for those of you who want to vacation with family. You can invite children to camp in the woods. Don’t worry, you will not be alone. In the holiday season, Sesaot Tourism Forest is often the location of outbound activities.

Not only that, this tourist attraction also provides an interesting place for children to see the beauty of nature directly. Moreover, there are fresh springs sourced from Mount Rinjani in this place. Not only that, children can also learn directly from the Sasak people who live in Sesaot Village.

List of tourist attractions in North Lombok Regency

North Lombok is often the main stopover for tourists. The main reason, because here is the location of Gili Trawangan. However, are there only Gili Trawangan tourist attractions here? The following is a list of popular tourist locations in North Lombok:

11. Gili Trawangan

Gili TrawanganThe first tourist spot that is often a holiday location in Lombok is Gili Trawangan. This island offers a variety of tourist activities. The most things to do in lombok. You can see the beauty of the underwater world that is stunning, vast expanse of white sand, or an awesome sunset.

If you want, you can also try to visit two other small islands which are located close to Gili Trawangan, namely Gili Air and Gili Meno. If Gili Trawangan becomes a busy location and often has a beach party, Gili Meno and Gili Air have a calmer atmosphere.

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You also do not need to spend a lot of money to be able to vacation at this tourist spot. Access to transportation can be done easily from the Bangsal Harbor or it can also be from Padang Bai in Bali. For a place to stay, you can find the whereabouts of cheap hotels here. With a starting price of IDR 200 thousand per night.

12. Gili Air

Gili AirGili Air is a small island that is in a group with Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Because of its small size, you can surround this tourist spot on foot in just 90 minutes. You also don’t need to worry about getting lost, because the footpaths on this island all lead to the beach.

Access to these attractions can be done from various places. Starting from Gili Trawangan, Bangsal Harbor, Senggigi Beach, or Padang Bai Beach in Bali. However, the duration of the ship’s departure to Gili Air is lower than the schedule of the ship to Gili Trawangan.

13. Gili Meno

Gili MenoThe third island included in the Gili Islands in Lombok is Gili Meno. Compared to Gili Air and Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno is the quietest island. Especially, the size of this tourist spot is also smaller than the other two dyke with a population of approximately only 400 people.

Even so, you can still find the existence of lodging in this tourist spot. The stay is also not too expensive, starting from Rp 100,000 per night. Regarding transportation facilities, you can go to Gili Meno from various places. Starting from Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, Bangsal Harbor, Senggigi Beach, or from Amed Beach in Bali.

14. Bangsal Harbor

This port is the main gateway to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air and can be taken about 40 minutes drive from Senggigi Beach. From here, tourists can find ferries that depart regularly to the three tourist attractions. The tariff to cross from Bangsal to the three dyke is quite cheap, not up to Rp.50,000 per person.

However, ship departure schedules for each dyke have differences. Ships to Gili Trawangan can be found starting at 8:00 to 17:00 WITA. As for Gili Meno, it is available from 09.00 – 14.00 WITA. Finally, if you want to feel calm in Gili Air, the ship departs in the range 08.00 – 11.00 WITA.

15. Tiu Teja Waterfall

Tiu Teja Waterfall is a new tourist spot in North Lombok. Its existence is indeed quite hidden, covered by wilderness on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. No wonder tourists don’t really know this place. The main uniqueness of the latest natural attractions is in the form of twin waterfalls.

Tiu Teja WaterfallNot too difficult if you want to witness the beauty of this tourist spot. The location is in the Santong Village, Kayangan District. If you want to go to this place, you need to travel about 60 km from the city of Mataram, which takes about 2 hours. However, the length of the trip will be treated by the beauty of the waterfall nicknamed the rainbow waterfall.

16. Tebing Beach

In North Lombok, you will also find a unique beach on Tebing Beach. This beach is a tourist spot that has recently been popular with local tourists. The existence of a 50 meter long cliff is the hallmark of this beach. The tourists who come often take pictures with the background of the cliff.

Tebing BeachThe location of this tourist attraction is in the Hamlet Luk, Sambi Bangkol Village, Gangga District. Local people, more familiar with this beach with the name Luk Beach. Access to this place is not too difficult. Can be reached either using private or public vehicles.

If taking a private vehicle, you need to travel as far as 42 Km from the city of Mataram. Meanwhile, if you want to take public transportation to this tourist spot, you can go to the Mandalika Terminal. There, public transportation will be available to Tebing Beach at a rate of Rp. 25,000 per person.

17. Tiu Kelep Waterfall and Sendang Gile Waterfall in Senaru

Tiu Kelep WaterfallVisiting the Senaru Village in Bayan District, North Lombok, you will be able to see two beautiful waterfalls, namely Tiu Kelep Waterfall and Sendang Gile. Both of these natural attractions have a beautiful view and refreshing eyes.

Visiting these two waterfalls, you will feel the cool atmosphere. Especially, because this tourist attraction is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. Interestingly, the water in both waterfalls is believed to have the ability to cure disease, lo. Although, for the truth there is no scientific proof.

Senaru Village which is the location of these two natural attractions is about 60 Km from the city of Mataram. Please note, there are no public transportation serving the transportation route to get here. So, the solution is only to use private vehicles. Arriving in the village of Senaru, you still have to continue the journey by walking for about 30 minutes.

18. Nipah Beach

Nipah BeachLocated not far from Senggigi Beach, Nipah Beach can be a tourist spot on your list of visits in Lombok. From Senggigi, you only need 20 minutes of travel time. The trip will feel fun, because it is accompanied by views of the green hill area.

In this tourist spot, you will also feel the atmosphere that is far different from Senggigi Beach. If in Senggigi the atmosphere is very crowded, Nipah Beach is a deserted beach for visitors. The scenery in this place is no less beautiful.

Just like in Senggigi Beach, you can watch an amazing sunset view on Nipah Beach. Interestingly, you also do not need to spend money on tickets to enter this tourist spot. Simply pay the vehicle parking rate, then you can be free to move on the beach area.

19. Kerta Gangga Waterfall

Kerta Gangga WaterfallAnother beautiful waterfall tourist spot on the island of Lombok, namely Kerta Gangga Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Kerta Hamlet, which is included in the Genggelang Village area, Gangga District, North Lombok Regency. Interestingly, you can not only witness the beauty of one waterfall, but three waterfalls at once.

In this tourist spot, there are indeed three waterfalls. Each of them is called by the name of Kerta Gangga Waterfall 1, 2, and 3. You can also get a chance to take a bath in the three waterfalls. However, you also need to be careful because the pond in the waterfall is quite deep, reaching 2 m.

The entrance ticket to the tourist area is quite cheap. You are only charged Rp. 20,000 per person. This rate includes vehicle parking fees.

List of tourist attractions in Central Lombok Regency

Central Lombok Regency becomes an area full of interesting tourist attractions. The following are some lists of popular tourist locations in Central Lombok:

20. Kuta Beach, Lombok

Kuta Beach, LombokKuta Beach Lombok, which is located in the village of Kuta, Pujut District is approximately 50 Km from the city of Mataram, could be an option for spending the next vacation time. This beach is located on the southern coast of Lombok Island and is located close to tourist attractions, including Tanjung Aan Beach, Sade Village, Seger Beach, Selong Belanak Beach, or Putri Nyale Beach.

This tourist spot has a beauty that is not inferior to Kuta Beach in Bali. You will find a beach with a clean and wide expanse of white sand here. Just imagine, Kuta Beach Lombok has a very long coastline, reaching 7.2 Km. In addition, the sea water in this place is also clean, as if inviting anyone to throw themselves into it.


21. Seger Beach

The next things to do in lombok, if you are still not satisfied with the beauty of Kuta Beach in Lombok, you can also continue your trip to Seger Beach. This tourist spot is located close to Kuta Beach, Lombok. You only need to continue traveling east for 4 Km. Here, you can watch an awesome sunset from the hill.

Seger BeachBesides having an amazing sunset view, this beach is often a favorite surfing sport location. With its high waves, surfers can feel the excitement in this tourist spot. To enter the beach area, you also don’t need to pay a fortune, just be charged a vehicle parking fee of IDR 10,000.

22. Putri Nyale Beach

Not far from Seger Beach, you can also come to Putri Nyale Beach. This tourist spot is only a stone’s throw from Seger Beach. In addition, this beach also has a beautiful stretch of sand. Compared to other beaches in Lombok, the atmosphere at this beach is relatively quiet. Suitable for those of you who do not like the crowd.

Putri Nyale BeachOne thing that is characteristic of the Princess Nyale Beach tourist attractions is the legendary story of Princess Mandalika. In fact, to illustrate the legend, there is the Nyale Princess Monument which is on the beach. In addition, there is also a unique tradition called Bau Nyale.

In this tradition, people will compete to look for sea animals that look like worms – the community is called nyale. That said, the nyale worm is the incarnation of Princess Mandalika who chose to jump into the sea rather than having to be edited by the prince.

23. Sade Village

The next tourist spot which is not far from Kuta Village is Sade Village. Here, you will be able to witness firsthand the life of the Sasak tribe known as the native island of Lombok. The people who live in Sade Village are still trying to preserve a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Sade VillageIn the village which is about 6 Km from Kuta Village, you can see the existence of traditional houses owned by residents. They still use traditional materials for house construction, starting from wooden poles, dry alang-lang roofs, to bamboo walls.

There are other interesting things that can be found in this place, especially related to the habits of Sasak Village residents in utilizing buffalo dung. The dirt they use everyday to clean the house. In the belief of the people in this tourist spot, buffalo dung is useful for repelling insects and magical attacks.

24. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan BeachThe journey along the beautiful beaches around Kuta Village is still not over. You can also see the beauty of Tanjung Aan Beach which is surrounded by hilly areas. One of them is Merese Hill which is another famous tourist spot on the island of Lombok. To reach this beach, you only need to continue the journey for 12 minutes from Seger Beach.

Tanjung Aan Beach is a beach that is visited by tourists. The main uniqueness that Tanjung Aan has is its sand structure. Different from other beaches, Tanjung Aan Beach has a fairly large size, such as pepper. In addition, you can also do various activities at this tourist site, ranging from swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or just watching the view from the beach.

25. Merese Hill

Merese HillVisiting Kuta Lombok, you also should not miss the existence of Merese Hill. This tourist spot is close to Tanjung Aan Beach and access can be passed either by two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. Arriving at the top of the hill, you will be able to watch the amazing views of anyone. In fact, not a few who call the scenery here like a landscape in another country.

From the meadows on this hill, you will be able to find the presence of buffalo who are looking for food. In addition, you can also watch the view of Tanjung Aan Beach from a height. However, not many activities can be done here. You can only relax while hunting for instagrammable photos or wait for the sunset.

26. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak BeachThe next amazing tourist spot in Lombok is Selong Belanak Beach. The beach is located in the administrative area of ​​Central Lombok Regency, which is located 19 Km to the west of Kuta Beach, Lombok, and is on one route. Access to this place is quite easy. Can be reached within 30 minutes of travel from Lombok International Airport.

This tourist spot is like a hidden beach, flanked by two hills. Selong Belanak Beach has a fairly long coastline, reaching 1 Km. Soft beach sand and waves that are not too big to be a refreshing sight here. Even those who come here don’t usually miss the chance to learn to surf. Moreover, there are board rental facilities as well as surfing courses.

27. Benang Kelabu Waterfall

Benang Kelabu WaterfallBenang Kelambu Waterfall at the foot of Mount Rinjani is also a choice of attractive natural attractions to visit. Especially for those who like selfies to be uploaded to Instagram. Photos with a background of a waterfall that has a shape like a curtain will be very interesting.

The waterfall, located in Aik Berik Village, North Batukliang District, Central Lombok does have a beautiful view. In fact, the waterfalls at these attractions come from several springs. However, because of the existence of the spring covered by lush plants, it looks like a mosquito net.

In addition, there are other uniqueness that can be found in this tourist spot. Benang Kelambu Waterfall is a waterfall that has three levels. The first level has a height of 30 meters. While the second and third level waterfalls are 10 meters and 5 meters respectively.

28. Semeti Beach

Semeti Beach is an attractive hidden beach to explore in Central Lombok. Because the location is indeed difficult to reach, do not be surprised if this tourist spot is still a virgin beach and still empty of visitors.

Semeti BeachIn Semeti Beach tourist attractions, you really can witness the amazing natural beauty. No need to swim into the sea to be able to witness the diversity of marine life here. You just walk on the beach and watch the scenery in the natural aquarium there.

The existence of coral reefs on the beach does form several natural aquariums that can be witnessed directly. There, you will witness the presence of sea animals swimming freely.

Semeti Beach tourist attractions are located in the Village Prabu, District Pujut, Central Lombok Regency. Located approximately 60 Km which can be reached within 2 hours drive from the city of Mataram. In addition, this beach is also close to Selong Belanak Beach, approximately 5 Km.

29. Umbrella Stone

Umbrella StoneOne more beach tourist spot which is a favorite photo location for tourists, namely Batu Payung Beach. In this place, you will be able to find a large rock that looks like an umbrella so that the local community is called by the name of Batu Payung Beach.

It’s just that, other than the existence of these large stones, this tourist attraction has no other attraction. You will not find a stretch of soft white sand here. This beach is a beach that has a rock structure. The majority of tourists who come to this place, spend their time to take pictures together with an umbrella-shaped stone background.

Not so difficult to reach this tourist spot. Batu Payung Beach is located close to Tanjung Aan Beach. From Tanjung Aan, you only need to walk approximately 30 minutes to get to this place.

List of tourist attractions in East Lombok Regency

Being at the eastern end of the island of Lombok, does not make the East Lombok Regency a minimal tourist area. In fact, here the tourists can find a variety of tourist destinations. The following is a row of famous tourist sites in East Lombok:

30. Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National ParkFor those who are adventurous, Mount Rinjani National Park is a suitable tourist spot. Here is Mount Rinjani which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia – after Mount Kerinci. Do not forget, you can also witness the beauty of Segara Anak in the caldera of Mount Rinjani.

If you want to climb Mount Rinjani, you must first make a booking with the manager of this tourist spot. Can directly go to the Mount Rinjani National Park Office at Jl. Arya Banjar Getas Lingkar Selatan Mataram City. There are two entrances to the hiking trail, the Sembalun Entrance and the Senaru Entrance.

31. Sembalun Village

Sembalun VillageSembalun Village, which is 90 Km from the city of Mataram, is not only the location of the entrance gate of Mount Rinjani. Sembalun village at the foot of Mount Rinjani is also an attractive tourist destination. Because it is in the highlands, you will feel the cool atmosphere.

Here, you will also get natural scenery. Green scenery can be witnessed wherever the eye can see. No wonder the climbers often spend a long time in this tourist spot. Although, just to just unwind while taking selfies.

32. Peak of Pergasingan

If you have a short time and do not have time to climb to Mount Rinjani, Peak Pergasingan can be an alternative. This tourist spot is a hill in the village of Sembalun with a height reaching 1,700 meters above sea level 

Peak of PergasinganFrom the top of the hill, you will be able to witness a unique view. The scenery is, the rice fields belonging to the Sembalun Village community that looks colorful. If you want to see the beauty of the tourism spot Puncak Pergasingan, the entry ticket is cheap, only Rp. 15,000.00 per person.

33. Sembalun Bamboo Forest

Sembalun Bamboo ForestSembalun Bamboo Forest is another tourist destination that can be visited in Sembalun Village. Here, you will witness the existence of a bamboo forest that has been regularly arranged by the local community. This arrangement is an effort of the local community to make Sembalun a tourist village.

In this tourist spot, you will be spoiled by beautiful scenery. Especially for lovers of selfies who often upload photos to Instagram. Selfie photos with a background of bamboo forests can be interesting photos, lo!

34. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Mangku Sakti WaterfallIn East Lombok Regency, you can also witness the existence of beautiful waterfall tourist attractions. The place is Mangku Sakti Waterfall in Sajang Village, Sembalun District, East Lombok Regency. This place is approximately 60 Km from the city of Mataram. Furthermore, to go to the location of the waterfall, you can ride a motorcycle taxi with a fare of Rp 50,000 a round trip.

The motorcycle taxi rates did seem quite expensive. However, the path that must be traversed is indeed difficult, in the form of a forest area. In addition, access to the location of tourist attractions Mangku Sakti Waterfall is also quite far, reaching 3 Km. Moreover, the motorcycle taxi driver also acts as a guide and porter.

Arriving at the tourist location of Mangku Sakti Waterfall, you will be faced with a turquoise flow of water. In addition, you can also follow the flow of water from Mangku Sakti Waterfall to be able to find the presence of the second waterfall, namely Mangku Kodek Waterfall.

35. Lian Ancient Tree

Lian Ancient TreeWhile in Lombok, you can also find tourist attractions that provide the atmosphere of the film The Hobbit style. The place is a Lian Ancient Tree Tourism in Menanggabaris Hamlet, Gunung Malang Village, Pringgabaya District, East Lombok. It takes 2.5 hours to reach this place.

The main uniqueness of this place is the existence of towering hundreds of years old trees. That said, these trees have existed since the Dutch colonial era. The trees are lian trees and have a trunk diameter of 5m and a height of 50m. Standing next to a tree, you will feel like Bilbo Baggins, the main character in the film The Hobbit.

36. Pink Beach

Pink BeachUnique beach in Lombok is not only Tanjung Aan Beach which has sand like pepper grains. In Lombok, there are also other tourist attractions that are no less unique, namely Pink Beach. As the name implies, this beach located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok has reddish-colored sand.

The reddish color on the sand at this resort appears because it is mixed with red coral fragments. The reddish color will look very striking when the sand is exposed to sea water. Moreover, if you come to this place in a bright atmosphere.

If you are interested in going to these tourist attractions, the journey must be quite far. The distance between Mataram City and Pink Beach reaches 90 Km. It took me 2 hours of travel to get here.

Don’t worry, there are some other interesting places to be found when you come here. Among these are Tanjung Ringgit, Gua Japan, or Tanjung Beloam Beach.

37. Tanjung Ringgit

Tanjung RinggitTanjung Ringgit can be a stopover when it comes to Pink Beach. Both are included in the Jerowaru District, East Lombok. In fact, the distance between these two places can be reached by foot. Understandably, the two are only 1 Km apart.

In this tourist spot, you will be able to witness the existence of beautiful coral cliff views. Photography lovers will be satisfied when coming to this place. The view will look more interesting when immortalized in a photo. Plus, this place is empty of visitors. So, you can be satisfied taking pictures in this place.

38. Japanese Cave

Japanese CaveThis Japanese Cave tourist spot is located in Tanjung Ringgit. In this place, you will find the existence of former Japanese war headquarters. One of them that attracts the attention of every visitor is a cannon.

The existence of this Japanese Cave shows how important the role of Tanjung Ringgit is for the Japanese army. Especially, in resisting attacks from allied forces. The cannon at this tourist site also has a fairly well-maintained condition, with a length of 5 m and a diameter of 27 cm.

39. Tanjung Beloam Beach

The next tourist place that can be visited when it comes to Pink Beach is Tanjung Beloam Beach. The location is indeed close to Pink Beach or Tanjung Ringgit, still in the District of Jerowaru. Here, there are hotels that can be used as an alternative place to stay, namely Hotel Jeeva Beloam.

Tanjung Beloam BeachArriving at Tanjung Beloam Beach tourist attractions, the view will make you amazed. This beach is surrounded by large cliffs and there is a stretch of white sand that is not too broad. You can dive and swim in the beach area.

40. Cemara Beach

Cemara BeachLast things to do in lombok, not many people know the existence of Cemara Beach in East Lombok. This tourist spot is often referred to as one of the hidden beaches. Moreover, the location is far away. At the east end of Lombok, adjacent to Tanjung Ringgit and included in the Pemokong Village area, Jerowaru District.

It should be noted, there are two tourist attractions named Cemara Beach. Other Cemara Beach is located in the West Lombok Regency, not far from the Sheet Port location.

As a hidden beach, you can relax without interruption in this tourist spot. The view was beautiful. With the presence of white sand, interspersed with the presence of grass and pine trees.

Those who come to this tourist spot are mostly local residents. The usual activities carried out here are quite diverse. Starting from just a picnic, fishing, swimming, or even some that are cowson.

Of course the 40 tourist attractions are only a small portion of tourist sites that can be visited by tourists. There are still many other locations that you can explore during a visit to the island of Lombok. Moreover, transportation access to Lombok can now be easier. Available access from air, sea or land.

With various facilities like that, it would be unfortunate if the beauty of tourist attractions in Lombok can not be enjoyed by Indonesian citizens themselves. Plus, the natural beauty of Lombok Island has been recognized internationally. Not a few who say Lombok has a beauty that equals Hawaii. Come on vacation to the island of Lombok!

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