Best Beach Clubs In Bali 2018!
Best Beach Clubs In Bali

Best Beach Clubs In Bali 2018! Hang out before sunset at the Beach Club is one of the best ways to spend holidays in Bali. You can stop at the infinity pool accompanied by fresh mocktails, snacks, and of course the chill atmosphere of the DJ music.

This time we will discuss the Best Beachs Club in Bali. Where you can party all day while waiting for the sunset moment that always makes you miss. We will divide the Beach Club based on their location. Please choose which Beach Club is the most suitable for your vacation!

The Best Beach Clubs In Bali

Sunset and Interior Shot of La Brisa Canggu with Instagram Influencers. Of all the Beach Clubs on this list, we have named La Brisa the best in 2018. The newest Beach Club in Canggu has been a favourite in Bali since it opened last year.

The Beach Club design looks very instagramable and rustic. Almost similar to some of their sister restaurants La Favela, La Plancha, La Sicilia and La Laguna. To enjoy the area of the bean bag on the beach, you need to spend at least Rp. 150,000 per person.

Tip: Try coming here between 4 or 5 in the afternoon, when there is still the sun. So you can take as many photos as you can. In addition, at that time, there were not too many guests.

How Can We Enjoy The Beach Clubs In Bali?

The Beast Beach Club In Seminyak

Beach Club which is located on the edge of Seminyak beach is one of the most popular in Bali. Modern architectural designs combined with some used wood materials provide a unique feature for Potato Head Bali.

Very often the most hits party events on Bali are held here, for example, the Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival. Potato Head is divided into several restaurants and bars with a vast lawn and swimming pool for you to relax while waiting for sunset.

Don’t forget to stop by their souvenir shop before leaving because there are so many unique merchandises that you can buy here.

Bali Coup

One of the first Beach Clubs in Bali has maintained its quality for the past 16 years. No wonder they were awarded the Gold List 2017: The Best Beach Club in the World by Conde Nast Traveler.

Intragenic buildings, world-class cuisine, cool music from overseas DJs, are all here. You must really go to the Coup at least once in a lifetime.

One thing you need to know before going to Kudeta is that you have to dress well here. You are strictly prohibited from using singlets or sandals after 4 pm. Because the Beach Club changed its function to a restaurant in the afternoon.

Cocoon Bach Club

Besides the super beautiful sunset, Double Six Beach also has one of the best Beach Clubs in Bali. It’s called the Cocoon Beach Club.

The Mediterranean- style building design with a large swimming pool directly facing the beach is the main reason many tourists visit this place.

Enough spending of Rp. 350 thousand you can leisurely on the daybed provided at the edge of the pool. Oh yes, if you come between 4 – 7 pm, there is a Happy Hour: 2 for 1 cocktail and beer too! Not bad for a cheap holiday but still present.

After eight o’clock in the evening, the swimming pool will be transformed with colourful neon lights and candlelight so that it becomes more romantic.

How Much Is The Ticket Price For Coming To The Best Beach Clubs in Bali?

Best Beach Club In Nusa Dua

Even though you won’t meet the sunset, Agendas has a clean and beautiful Nusa Dua white beach. The waves will make the atmosphere more suitable for relaxing in the afternoon. What we like here is that there is no minimum spending to sit in the cabana that has been prepared. However, almost all Western Food menus that are served are delicious!

Agenda is in the area of The Bay which also has several restaurants and water playgrounds called Surf and Turf.

Skai  Beach Club

SKAI Best Beach Clubs in Bali located at Padma Resort Bali will give you an exciting experience enjoying the sunset in Bali. Modern wooden buildings decorated with colourful furniture and mural paintings of Balinese dancers will surely make your holiday photos even more antigenic.