Beautiful Free Tours in Bali, You Must Visit!!!
Beautiful Free Tours in Bali

Beautiful Free Tours in Bali, You Must Visit!!! Many people want to vacation in Bali either with friends or with family. But sometimes vacation budgets become obstacles! Many tourists think that Bali vacation is quite expensive! There is a point, if you choose holiday time during the high season in Bali. Choose a tourist spot with expensive admission prices and choose a luxurious dining place in Bali.

Then are holidays in Bali always expensive? The answer is certainly not if the reader knows how to save holidays in Bali. Beautiful free tours in bali There are many ways to save budget holidays on the island of Bali. One of the best ways to save a holiday budget in Bali is to look for free tourist activities in Bali!

It’s free today! What I mean for free, is not paying for admission to tourist attractions, but parking for cars or motorbikes will still be charged.

Visiting the Gemitir Bali Flower Garden

Bali gemitir flower cultivation park is located in Banjar Mayungan, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency. The location is quite far from the tourist attractions of southern Bali, but close to famous tourist attractions in Bali such as the tourist attraction of the Danu Beratan Temple and Bedugul Botanical Gardens.

The garden of the Chrysanthemum flower cultivation is managed by local farmers and the reader is allowed to take photos with the background of the flower garden. Just don’t step on the flower plants.

Soaking in the Aling Aling Waterfall

The location of the Aling – Aling waterfall is in the village of Sambangan, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency. For just information for readers, Buleleng Regency has many waterfall attractions, such as Gitgit waterfall attractions. Only this page is about free tourist activities in Bali and only the Aling – Aling waterfall tourist attractions are still free for admission.

Aling – Aling waterfall is very high, about 35 meters. The uniqueness of the Aling-Aling waterfall is located on 2 waterfall sources that are side by side. Water quality is very clear and cool, so readers can soak around the Aling-Aling waterfall area. But be careful, because the flow of water is quite strong.

Enjoying the view of Tamblingan Lake

One of the attractions of tourism in Bali is the view of the lake. The most famous tourist attraction in Bali among tourists is the Beratan Bedugul lake. If the reader is vacationing at the Beratan Bedugul lake, then the entrance fee will be charged. The question is, are there lake tourist attractions in Bali that are not subject to entrance fees? The answer is, the name is the tourist object of Lake Tamblingan.

Tamblingan lake tourism objects are not subject to entrance fees. Because the Tamblingan lake area was not developed as a tourist area. With the aim of preserving the original nature. Therefore, in Lake Tamblingan, readers will not find boats that use machines. There are only traditional boats that are driven by paddles.

The natural beauty of the views of Tamblingan Lake, the cool mountain air, and the absence of admission fees. Make a tourist attraction of Lake Tamblingan, one of the places to enjoy the view of the lake that must be visited for a cheap holiday in Bali. The best time to visit to be able to see the beauty of the scenery of Lake Tamblingan is in the morning before sunrise.

Waterblow Nusa Dua

I am sure most readers know about Nusa Dua Bali tourist attractions, especially those who have tried Tanjung Benoa water sports activities because the locations of Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua are next to each other.

Although Nusa Dua is one of the luxury resort areas in Bali, apparently there are still tourist attractions that are not subject to entry fees in Nusa Dua. The name of the tourism object is water blow Nusa Dua.

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Interesting holiday activities that you can do on the Nusa Dua water blow are seeing the crashing waves of the southern sea that hit the cliffs. Most of the activities of visitors who vacation to the Nusa Dua water below will take photos with the background of the high waves of sea waves.

Where Can You Enjoy the Beautiful Free Tours in Bali?

Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran

Tegal Wangi Beach Jimbaran Bali is more famous as a pre-wedding photo location in Bali, because it has a view of the sea off the south coast that can be seen from the top of the cliff, has clean white sand and beautiful views of the sunset.

Kelan Tuban Beach Bali

Still in the tourist area of ​​southern Bali. Beautiful free tours in bali, on the north coast of Kedongan and the coastline is still parallel to Jimbaran beach. There is a white sand beach and one of the best spots to see sunset, because the location of the beach is facing west.