Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak You Can Visit!
Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak

Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak You Can Visit! Take a trip to Bali, don’t forget to taste the delicious culinary delights. One area that has many interesting restaurants while offering delicious culinary is a restaurant in Seminyak Bali.

Coup d’etat

This Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak actually has several branches in several countries, one of which is in Indonesia, which is located in the Seminyak area of ​​Bali. Ku De Ta is special because it has a beautiful view of the background of the beautiful Indian Ocean. While enjoying the delicious dishes here. RedTraveler can see the beautiful views of the sunset from the edge of the restaurant. For those of you who want a dinner with a romantic atmosphere with your partner, Ku De Ta restaurant is one of the places RedDoorz recommends.

Where We Can Find Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak?

Potato Head Beach Club

This one dining place might be one of the most popular in the Seminyak area of ​​Bali. Potato Head Beach Club is a restaurant that combines the beauty of dining on the beach to the exotic Balinese art. The architecture of this restaurant building is also very unique which resembles an 18th-century amphitheatre combined with medieval antique-style furniture.

The atmosphere around Potato Head Beach Club is also very convenient because it is far from the centre of the crowd. Come here, RedTraveler will be presented with a South Asian cuisine which is the main menu there. How is RedTraveler interested in visiting here?

Metis Restaurant

For RedTraveler who likes a beautiful view concept restaurant like rice fields can come directly to Metis Restaurant. The atmosphere of Bali tends to be crowded because the number of tourists also makes this restaurant Metis special because the atmosphere is quiet and calm. So calm, this one restaurant can be likened to a private restaurant of its own. For the main menu itself, RedTraveler can taste the delights of French Balinese cuisine here.


One more restaurant in Seminyak Bali with Sardine rice field scenery. You can feel the rice field atmosphere in this restaurant because of its location which is located in the middle of the rice fields. Besides the setting and its location in the middle of rice fields, the furniture here is also made and deliberately designed from bamboo. Uniquely while enjoying the dishes, RedTraveler can also see farmers who are processing their rice fields.

Sea Circus

This restaurant in Seminyak Bali might be one of the most frequently seen on social media, especially Instagram. No wonder, the colourful designs of Sea Circus are the main attraction for young people to eat or just photographs. Besides presenting a restaurant with a unique concept, RedTraveler can also try a variety of delicious dishes here from breakfast, cocktail, to coffee.

During eating here you will also not be bored because Sea Circus always plays cool songs that are perfect for those of you who want to have a small party. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to decorate the house or maybe your room similar to Sea Circus can buy various unique trinkets in the ” market corner” Which is still a part of this restaurant.


Designed with a concept like in the film Alice In Wonderland, Sherlock offers a   one-stop service for shaving hair to eating. Here RedTraveler can feel how to cut hair in a classic style that must be a hit right now. After tidying up your appearance with a haircut, RedTraveler can enjoy your afternoon by relaxing and enjoying a meal at the café which is still one with Sherlock’s haircut.

There are various kinds of delicious dishes that you can taste at this Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak. Like Bombay Omelette to Nutella Pancake s Toast. Your stomach is full and certainly, your appearance will be okay after visiting Sherlock!

Where can you visit a restaurant in Seminyak Bali that is popular?

La Favela

La Favela is indeed one of the restaurants in Seminyak Bali which is very popular. This is not surprising because La Favela presents a unique atmosphere that tends to be different from other restaurants. Although the location of this restaurant is rather difficult to find, La Favela remains crowded with tourists.

This Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak has a concept like in a tropical forest area in Brazil. Interestingly, the building of the restaurant was also built in a colonial style complete with antique decorations and ornaments such as old-school television, old-fashioned telephone to ancient typewriters of old.

Motel Mexicola

For those of you who have watched Coco movies and happen to like Mexican culture, you can come to the Mexicola Seminyak Bali Motel. Entering this restaurant you will be presented with an interior design that is thick with the culture of this palace city. Well, that’s some of the Best Restaurants in Bali Seminyak that you can visit when you are on vacation in Bali.