Do You Know How Many Tourist Visit Bali?

Many people get very enthusiastic about this island and this also makes us wonder about that question from time to time. Other than that, we also show you some essential tips if you have a plan to visit the island for the next holiday season. However, we will remind you that this island is indeed crowded during the holiday season. You just need to be ready.

How Many Tourist visit Bali

According to the information and research center of Bali tourism, the number of foreign visitors who came to Bali gets higher from time to time: 3,278,598 in 2013 and 5,697,739 in 2017. The number would still get higher in 2019 for sure. The number that answers “how many tourist visit the island” is also affected by the development on the island from time to time. It also makes the tour and travel companies broader in range and options.

Then you have idea how many tourist visit Bali


Do You Know How Many Tourist Visit Bali?

Crowds are Everywhere

We must admit that Bali is not an untouched paradise on earth. It gets development from time to time and it makes people pin this island as place-to-go for holiday. You should expect the crowd especially if you are staying in Ubud and south part of Bali. If you want to get somewhere more tranquil, you can hike the central mountain or go the west coast and chill out at the north.

Carefully Choose Your Base

Choosing a place to stay is also essential. The weather in Bali is mostly hot and sticky while the traffic could stress you a bit. Those things might make you want to stay in the hotel other than walking around and enjoy the holiday. This is why you should choose your base carefully because it will make or break your holiday. 

If you are looking for a spot to enjoy nature without the traffic jams, Kuta is not the best thing. If you want to enjoy the fine local foods and shop for some trinkets, you do not want to spend a week in Nusa Lembongan. It is important to do some research before you choose on a spot to stay in Bali. Do not worry because Bali is the place for anything so you are more likely to find the one that suits you the most.

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Enjoy the Food Whole-Heatedly

Bali is one of many places in Indonesia that offer delicious local foods. Since this is your holiday, you better leave your strict dietary rule at home because it will be such a waste. Rumors were spread that you will get diarrhea or something like that by eating too much local food. However, today there are tons of places that provide organic meals with a good level of hygiene.

Still, you need to stay away from notorious local liquor called arak and staying hydrated all the time. It will keep you away from what people say about Bali’s belly.

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Dress Properly

You are allowed to wear a bikini as long as the places support for it such as at the beach. You cannot wear a bikini when visiting temples because you will need to wear modest attire with scarves and sarongs. Some restaurants and bars also apply a specific dress code. You better call before you go so you would not get turned away.

Spending the holiday in Bali is one of the best choices you will ever make in a lifetime. You should be aware of scams and frauds. Still, Bali is safer than what you read in the newspaper. If this island is not that safe, how come the answer to “how many tourist visit Bali” is getting increased almost one million per year?