The Classic Charm Of LES VILLAGE That Makes You Willing To Visit

Bali has various tourist attractions, its popularity is not only famous in Indonesia but also abroad. So far, Bali is synonymous with five-star hotels, luxury restaurants, heavy traffic and nightlife. However, in northern Bali, there is a place where there is a lot of calm and tranquility that can be found. The name is Les Buleleng Bali Village or more people call it Les Village.

This village is widely used as an ecotourism and cultural destination. The location is in Tejakula District, Buleleng Regency in Bali. Les Village is one of the coastal villages in Buleleng. There are at least 51 Coastal Villages in nine sub-districts in Buleleng Regency. Of course you can imagine with 51 villages located on the coast, how much marine wealth he has.

There are various kinds of charms that can be obtained when visiting this place. This charm can not be separated from the local wisdom of the local community which is still very much maintaining the natural beauty, especially under the sea. Here are :

The Stunning Charms Of Les Village


Yeh Mempeh means flying water. The height of Yeh Mempeh waterfall is about 30 meters, with fresh and very clear fresh water. In addition, the number of tourist visits to Yeh Mempeh waterfall is less, if you compare it to the tourist attractions of Sekumpul Buleleng waterfall.

les villageTo reach the location of Yeh Mempeh waterfall from the car park, you have to walk about 15 minutes, passing through thick green bushes and trees. Most of the paths that you pass in the form of roads that have been cemented. You will also see several stalls on the way to the waterfall location. In addition, you will also cross a shallow river to get to the location of the Yeh Mempeh waterfall.

So tours to Yeh Mempeh Buleleng waterfall can be categorized as trekking tourism activities. After arriving at the location of the Yeh Mempeh waterfall, you will feel the crash of the waterfall. You can also take a bath if you want to feel the freshness of the water which is very clear but very cold.



Les village has a palm tree plantation which has been used as a producer of palm wine or palm wine and into other preparations. Your visit to Bali Mula Les Village will give you a new experience where you are invited to see the process of how to get sap from palm trees until it is processed into wine. Processed palm wine can be brown sugar, liquid sugar, wine, and vinegar. From the hands of chef Yudi, you will get the creativity of processed sap into various flavors of organically processed arak taken from jackfruit, mango, and moringa leaves. The processed products can be used as medicine and consumed directly.



Singaraja specialties, can be enjoyed at Warung Bali Mula in the village of Les Tejakula Singaraja, you will be served typical buleleng dishes such as belayag, fish wrapped satay, grilled fish, and their preparations. This cooking program is directly directed by chef Yudi who has experience cooking abroad with the characteristics of Balinese cuisine. Every dish offered has a recipe that is able to shake the tongue of culinary lovers. Recommend you should come and give it a try.



Educational tours of the traditional salt-making process which have good quality with various flavors make this processed salt something interesting from the taste of spices. You are invited to directly see the taking of sea water which is channeled to the existing plots to be dried, the dry soil is put into a container called fisting, and then mixed again with sea water, filtered and collected again in a closed place. Waiting for evaporation for 3 days, sea water is completely dry and crystallized before it can be harvested. You are recommended to visit in the dry season.



Batisungu Beach is the best place for snorkeling in Les Village Buleleng. Before becoming a natural tourist area under the sea, it was not so prominent, that was because many coral reefs were damaged, but after experiencing conservation by planting coral reefs using the biorock method you can see various colorful coral reefs with various shapes, so now it is a popular snorkeling destination.


Willing to coming?

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