Mount Batur, The Beautiful Sunrise on Bali Volcano!
The Beautiful Sunrise on Bali

Mount Batur, The Beautiful Sunrise on Bali! Located 60 kilometers from sparkling city of Denpasar. Mount Batur is loaded with natural beauty and spirituality of Balinese Hindu community. In places with an altitude of 1,717 m above sea level. Forces of nature are intimately coupled with the culture and traditions that continue to be lived so as to create an atmosphere of harmony.


Bali, is island of paradise. This small island in east of Java whose name is known more than the name of Indonesia is indeed a paradise for travelers. This place has The Beautiful Sunrise on Bali. Beautiful and charming nature interwoven with culture and tradition that is still maintained firmly, creating exotic harmony of life. On this island you can choose for party or contemplation, sunbathe on the beach, or covered in sleeping bags on mountain bends. Bali have many travel destination that you can visit.

To reach summit of Mount Batur with an altitude of 1,717 meters, you can only travel about 2 to 3 hours from Toya Bungkah Village, last village on the slopes of Mount Batur. Along the road you will be accompanied by shady trees towering before reaching the sand and rock tracks on ridge of the mountain. Therefore even though the time of climbing is not too long, you still have to prepare your trip as best as possible.

One interesting part of Mount Batur, which is in middle of the road to the summit, you can see the amazing panorama of Lake Batur. A bluish stretch of water blends with cloud clouds and beautiful hills. Then all your fatigue will be paid when you see panoramic view of the sunrise with foreground of Lake Batur covered in thin fog. When sun shines through the clouds, then you will feel the morning atmosphere full of magic.

Where We Can See The Beautiful Sunrise on Bali?

While waiting for sun to rise, you can use several points of hot water to boil eggs and bananas for breakfast. If you don’t have time to bring supplies, you can buy breakfast in a shop owned by friendly mothers. Of course the price is much more expensive when compared to usual price.

But considering this is on top of the mountain, it feels like it’s natural. After enjoying all the natural beauty on top of the mountain, you can go down and soak in a hot spring so that your body is fit again and can continue adventure to other exotic places.

Sunrise View

Mountain and sunrise are like lovers who cannot be separated. Watching morning sun rising through horizon and golden cloud clouds is the most beautiful sight and eventually becomes opium. Therefore, do not waste the opportunity to watch the sunrise from top of Mount Batur. Feel warm touch of sun that hits your skin and expels cold air while sipping warm drinks. Blue lake batur that lies in front adds to the atmosphere.

Downhill Cycling

Another Beautiful Sunrise in Bali. You can try to enjoy Mount Batur in a different way, using a bicycle. If the track to the top feels less challenging for you, you can ride a downhill mountain bike or a lava lane that freezes. There are various paths that you can choose according to your cycling abilities.

Photo Hunting Travel

Is incomplete without recording beauty of new destinations. There are many interesting spots and objects that you can capture when exploring Mount Batur. Some farmers who use rocky land for farming can be an attractive subject of photography. Plus the background of Lake Batur will add to your shots. Besides that you can feel the sensation of rowing on cold water of Lake Batur.

Soaking in Hot Springs

To repel fatigue after climbing to top of Batur Volcano, do not miss to soak in the source of  hot springs on the slopes of Batur. A stiff body when hot water will naturally feel back again. Moreover, from this hot spring you can see beauty of Mount Batur from a distance. Guaranteed after returning from soaking not only your body is fresh, your soul and mind will surely feel fresh again.

How We Can Access Beautiful Sunrise on Batur Volvano Bali?

Mount Batur is located in Batur, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali. From Denpasar this mountain is about 60 kilometers to the north and only takes 2 hours by private car. If you use public transportation, you can take a bus from Denpasar to Singaraja at a rate of Rp. 45,000. Or you might check Bali Ventur mount Batur sunrise trekking packages here

Then change bus on the Singaraja – Batu Bulan route which passes Jalan Batur at a rate of Rp. 35,000. To get to the village of Toya Bungkah, you can continue by using a local motorcycle taxi service through the asphalt road by the lake. That’s the way you can access to visit the beautiful sunrise on Bali.