Waterbom Bali
waterbom bali

All to Know About Waterbom Bali

Do you want to know the price of admission to Bali Waterbom for domestic tourists, as well as the types of games available at Waterbom Park Bali? If so, please continue reading this page!

One of the tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit while on vacation on the island of Gods is Kuta. As famous as Kuta Bali, almost every day is never empty of foreign tourists and domestic tourists. Then what is the best you can do in Kuta Bali? Besides Kuta beach tourism, Waterbom Bali is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit.

A water recreation or theme park, very suitable if you are on vacation with family. This park is one of the tourist attractions for children in Bali that we highly recommend.

Waterbom Bali water park has an area of ​​3.8 hecktar and inside is a standard world class water slide. There are 9 types of games in Waterbom water park, such as smash down, pipe line, boogie ride and complete we will write it down below.

Address of Waterbom Bali, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

If you stay in the Kuta area, you only need to call a taxi or you can walk to the Waterbom Park Bali. If you stay in another area in Bali, such as in Ubud tourist attractions, of course you will need transportation facilities to go to Waterbom Park. Taking a taxi from Ubud to Kuta will cost around 300 Thousand  Rupiah one way. The best way is to find a car rental service in Bali. By using a car rental service, you can press the transportation fee.

Most tourists do not like to swim in public swimming pools, because the quality of cleaning water is not good and contains a lot of water-cleaning chemicals. The Waterbom water park is very different, the water feels fresh and the skin does not feel dry because it uses a system of advanced water sanitation techniques with salt chlorination.

Types of Games Waterbom Park Bali

1. Smash Down
This type of water game requires considerable courage, because you will be sliding on this slope of 60 degrees, with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

2. Funtastic
Funtastic vehicles are more suitable for children, parents need not worry because these fantastic rides are specifically designed for children. In this vehicle there are water canons, body slides and many more.

3. Pipeline
The Pipeline game will take you spinning along the pipeline. Of course, with a speed of 60 kilometers for 13 seconds, the heart will be quite fast. On some bends of the pipeline, you will feel the maximum gravitational force of 3.5 G.

The pipeline has a height of 20 meters, when you twist down the pipeline, you can also see the sights of Kuta attractions and gardens arranged neatly at the Waterbom park.

4. Super Bowl
The super bowl game uses a rubber boat and participants will sit on a rubber boat.

5. Boomerang

6. Boogie Ride

6. Lazy River

7. Race Track

8. Climax

The Latest 2018 Domestic Entrance Ticket Prices for One Day

To be able to enter the Kuta Waterbom vehicle you are required to pay for the ticket:

  • Adult: Rp. 520,000 / person.
  • Children: Rp. 370,000 / children aged 2-11 years.
  • Family (2 adults + 2 Child): 1,63,000

Description of Bali Waterbom Ticket Prices

  • The prices listed do not include towel usage facilities.
  • Excluding locker rental, gazebo, euro-bungy.
  • Not including water blaster.
  • Not including SPA, food and drinks.
  • If you want to order Waterbom Kuta tickets, please click the here.

Opening Hours of Waterbom Bali Kuta
Kuta Waterbom is open every day, except during Nyepi in Bali. Open from 09:00 – 18:00.